The first iteration of Coin Clash is now over and it proved a successful initiative. A light-hearted, meme-friendly environment with less emphasis on competitiveness proved to be entertaining in ways the community isn’t used to. Crash_overlord, one of the organizers, commented saying:

We were blown away by how well received our little pet project was by the Gwent community. When Coin Clash started out, it was just a few friends goofing around and it developed into something we can really be proud of.

In the usual Gwentlemen tradition, here is some number crunching on the tournament!

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Hello, fellow Gwent players - Insangpha here. For the 3rd week of December (From Dec 11th-17th), I will be playing Gwent and other CCG games simultaneously and stream them both live on my channel. I will rotate the game day by day, so one day, I will be playing Gwent and Shadowverse, another day, Gwent and Hearthstone, and so on. Now, what’s the point of all this? What do I, and most importantly the viewers, gain from this week-long CCG madness?

    I guess some people just want to melt their brain and expose themselves to double doses of RNG. I can satisfy this burning desire, while you get to enjoy watching me making spectacular misplays across two games at once. Joking aside (no, seriously though, this is going to be Misplay Central), I want to push myself, and making decisions for two different games simultaneously will maybe, hopefully, theoretically teach me a lot about card games and how to play Gwent better in a long run. Or it will just be a total clown fiesta. Could go either way!

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In this week’s Gwentlemen Talkshow we have a Burza, the gwent community specialist who is known for his many leeks. Merchant, a prominent streamer and youtuber that definitely has the deepest voice of them all! And Freddy, the Gwentslam 2 champion and bringer of memes to tournaments. In this talkshow we explore the new cards and discuss them thoroughly. With all these new card reveals around the corner everyone is excited for what’s to come!

For more from Burza you [can find him on twitch]( For more from Merchant you [can find him on twitch]( For more from Freddybabes you [can find him on twitch](

Recently faction challenges were announced as a new special event in the game. Users are able to participate by winning matches as either Skellige or Northern Realms. The faction with the greatest games won will reward its users with a premium card while the losing faction receives 100 Meteorite Powder.

Looking at the current war tracker on the playgwent website Northern Realms are in the lead and will probably end up on top. Skellige seems to be lagging behind in comparison. The image below shows the war tracker at the time of this news post.

In this week’s Gwentlemen Talkshow we are joined by a pair of special guests - Pawel Burza and Merchant. Pawel Burza is the Community Specialist for Gwent at CDPR and is known for his charming personality and tendency to make leek jokes.

You can find Burza at his Twitter or at his Twitch

Our other guest this week is Merchant, a streamer and YouTube personality known for his fun decks and love of memes.

You can find Merchant at his Twitter or at his Twitch