In this week’s Gwentlemen Talkshow we have a special guest - Ash. Ash is a cosplayer and a member of team Fade 2 Karma. She hosts a Round of Gwent with CDPR and streams regularly. This week we talk about the current meta including the state of spies and Skellige, how we feel about Monsters, and the secret strength of Northern Realms. We make predictions for the upcoming Gwent Open, and discuss the Challenger. We also talk about GwentSlam and the special Gwentlemen Open: Harvest Sign up here.

For more from Ash you can find her on her twitch.

Guest contributor Philo dives into the mechanics of improving your day-to-day Gwent performance by working smarter, not harder.

People play a game like Gwent for various reasons.  Some play as a mere diversion.  Others play to explore card effects and interactions.  Others play because their friends play.  These are all great reasons to play Gwent.  This series, however, is not specifically directed towards these individuals – though they still may find some value here.  Rather, the people I seek to assist the most here are those who seek to become more competitive and successful at Gwent by that metric, but are having trouble finding their footing.  In other words, this is a piece more focused the Spikes, rather than the Timmys or the Johnnys, if you’re familiar with the Magic the Gathering-rooted terminology that has since been applied to many CCGs, physical and digital alike.


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Hey guys Swim here, with my Spell-Ale-Tael deck that I made today on stream.  The premise is simple; a spellatael deck with Sages instead of Farseers, and some incidental changes as well.  The deck ultimately plays as both a stronger version of Spellatael, and an easier one. 

The list is very heavy in 7-8 str removal so it’s fantastic against decks like spy nilfgaard, that lose value when you kill such units. 

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The first issue of doodle comics. Special credits to Sqwerell of The Sounds of Gwent.

In this weeks Gwentlemen Talkshow we have Crash_overlord, who introduces his brand new Gwent Pro Team: Red Coin. SnikiSnek, a fellow Gwentlemen and this week’s replacement for Jaggerous, makes his talkshow debut as well. The guys analyze the current meta and how it will translate to the many tournaments coming in the weeks ahead, as well as specific archetypes that may or may not be underrated. Radovid Africa appears this week in a supporting role.

For more from Crash_overlord you can find him on twitch.