A Week To Highroll: Insangpha's CCG Crossplay Event

Hello, fellow Gwent players - Insangpha here. For the 3rd week of December (From Dec 11th-17th), I will be playing Gwent and other CCG games simultaneously and stream them both live on my channel. I will rotate the game day by day, so one day, I will be playing Gwent and Shadowverse, another day, Gwent and Hearthstone, and so on. Now, what’s the point of all this? What do I, and most importantly the viewers, gain from this week-long CCG madness?

    I guess some people just want to melt their brain and expose themselves to double doses of RNG. I can satisfy this burning desire, while you get to enjoy watching me making spectacular misplays across two games at once. Joking aside (no, seriously though, this is going to be Misplay Central), I want to push myself, and making decisions for two different games simultaneously will maybe, hopefully, theoretically teach me a lot about card games and how to play Gwent better in a long run. Or it will just be a total clown fiesta. Could go either way!

One thing’s for sure – the side-by-side will shed light on the differences between Gwent and other CCGs (good or bad), and if we’re lucky, stir up some good ideas that may help improve Gwent in the future. I want to set a fixed time, so I am going to start streaming CET Midnight (12:00), which is 8AM in Korean time. I want to move it earlier for primetime, but I can’t because it’s too early in Korea. I expect the stream to last 3-4 hrs in length. 

Streaming will mainly comprise of 3 parts:

1. Briefly discuss the game I will be playing.

2. Play the games. Try different game modes if they are available.

3. Shortly analyze the games after playing.

  I also chose games per the following standards:

The game should be pleasing to look at, and the UI should be clean enough so that crossplay does not look too messy.

The game needs to have something meaningful to offer: unique mechanic, game mode, so on.

The games need to have solid backing of development companies. That sadly means games like Runescape Chronicles and Infinity Wars are out of the running.

And here is the week’s schedule:

Monday, Dec 11th- Eternal: Often seen as Magic the Gathering and HS hybrid, my former teammate Gravekper regards this game highly.

Tuesday, Dec 12th- Shadowverse: Often called Waifuverse, aggressive promotion from company and its evolution mechanic make it unique.

Wednesday, Dec 13th- Krosmaga: Developed by a French company, it has a whimsical artstyle and interesting gameplay.

Thursday, Dec 14th- Duelyst: Curious case study. Part board game and part card game, it has a replacement mechanic that supplements the mulligan.

Friday, Dec 15th- Faeria: Underneath deceptively fairy-tale-looking illustrations hides deep strategy. In this game, as you build your own lands and elements. 

Saturday, Dec 16th- Elder Scrolls Legends: A dual lane system sets it apart from Hearthstone. Another CCG game based on rich fantasy lore like HS and Gwent, this deserves a look.

Sunday, Dec 17th- Hearthstone: The game we love to hate. The game has seen many memorable and greatly designed cards, but its development is filled with cautionary tales. 

That’s it guys, looking forward to Twitch Chat backseating me on two games at once! And I would like to give special thanks to my fellow Gwentlemen for supporting my idea. See you around!



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