About the Gwentlemen

Introducing the Gwentlemen-Team:

Gwentlemen are a Team in "Gwent: The Witcher Card Game", that assembled in order to discuss and playtest in a competitive, albeit small environment.

All members of our group are proven tournament competitors and community members, each with distinguished backgrounds in competitive gaming and theorycrafting.

Since we're such nice guys, this webpage was created in order for us to be able to share some of the knowledge we gathered.


"I'm a 22 year old Pole. I'm a very analytical person and thus love gwent for it's ability to be very skill-testing. I wish I could understand everything about the game and will strive to do so."

Favorite Card: Roach

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"I’m a 23 year old American. My propensity for very questionable strategies tends to work against me as much as it does for me. Oh well. From my time playing Gwent I've learned to not accept deckbuilding advice from anybody who runs Ocvist."

Favorite Card:  Ocvist

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"I´m a 25 year old Pole.  I am an enthusiastic competetive player who plays mainly scoia'tael although I absolutely hate it. I have strong distaste for toads and King Bran."


"I´m a 21 year old German/Danish (you decide...) guy. I spent a lot of time building decks and  on Gwent in general. Also i love Music and am a enthusiastic Guitar-Player myself."

Favorite Card: Sabrina Glevissig

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"I'm a 20 year old Malaysian. I'm a passionate twitch memer who spams god-awful memes mainly in McBeardCH's streams. I also run the beta brawl tournaments on discord. NotLikeThis

Favorite Card: Aglais

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Gwent Podcaster and Aficionado by day, Viking Metal Ale-Horn swinging tablethumper rocking a Scottish-Italian-Dwarven accent by night.

Favorite Card: Borkh Three Jackdaws

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I'm a 24 year old American who enjoys streaming and playing Gwent.  Also enjoy developing software and playing guitar.

Favorite Card: Queensguard

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I'm a 19 year old Belgian player who enjoys competetive experiences. If you give me a challenge i'll be happy to accept it. Also, making people happy is my favorite thing to do!
Giving a gift is a gift in itself 

Favorite Card: Ocvist

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