Alchemy Nilfgaard

  • Strong toolbox - can tech effectively

  • Consistent

  • Weak point generation tools

  • Reactive by nature

  • Meta-dependant

Archetype Explanation

Alchemy Nilfgaard makes an honorable appearance by exploiting Vicovaro Novice's synergy with Alchemy cards like new Mahakam Ale.

Being a Nilfgaard deck, Alchemy has access to all the toolbox cards that allow Nilfgaard to target the existing meta - cards like Peter or Auckes can be teched in at your discretion. In a finisher-oriented meta, the deck reveals one of its biggest weaknesses - the lack of a strong finisher. Neutral cards like Villentrentenmerth try to overcome that issue, but the deck is still fundamentally reactive and, as such, inconsistent in how often it is able to overcome the opponent inn the last round. Alchemy lists vary wildly, precisely because of its reactive nature - but they all use the core of Vicovaro Novice into either Mahakam Ale or Crow's Eye as a point generation tool that also thins the deck.

Sample Decklists:
Hiveking's Alchemy

Hiveking's list chooses Mahakam Ale as its prime Vicovaro Novice target. It uses Emhyr as a leader, and focuses the rest of the deck on counteracting the present threats of the meta.


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