Archetype Explanation

Northern Realms remained largely untouched by the recent hotfix and are now established as a faction which can boast high amounts of tempo and strong finishers using armour synergies. Armor decks make use of Dun Banner Heavy Cavalry along with armor gain from Prince Stennis or Trollololo to amass a large number of points in each round, as well as Shani and Dijkstra to close out games in round 3 due to the huge point swings they can provide.

Both Henselt and Radovid have seen play as the leaders for armour decks with Henselt providing additional round 1 tempo, often by pulling out Kaedweni Siege Supports from the deck, while Radovid offers more control throughout the game. Some armor decks also opt to thin heavily with Blue Stripes Scouts and Blue Stripes Commandos, this allowing for them to more reliably acquire their finisher cards for round 3.

Sample Decklists:

ImpetuousPanda’s Armor Henselt

Panda’s Henselt Deck uses Henselt in round 1 on Kaedweni Siege Supports, pulling out Blue Stripes Commandos simultaneously to thin the deck. This provides huge buffs to any Poor Flanking Infantry played, and alongside Battering Rams, Reaver Scouts to pull them, and Prince Stennis, the deck aims to take round 1 while also thinning the deck hugely. Shani to revive Trollololo or Prince Stennis in later rounds, as well as Dijkstra, act as the devastating finishers for this deck.

Raikou’s Radovid

Raikou’s Radovid deck centers around high amounts of thinning with spells such as Marching Orders and Reinforcement, as well as Temerian Infantrymen and Blue Stripes units. This thinning allows for deadly finishers in round 3 using Nenneke to return units or spells to the deck in order to pull them out again with Prince Stennis and Dijkstra. While the deck can be difficult to play correctly at first, it is a consistent and powerful variation on the armor archetype for Northern Realms.