• Exponential growth makes them unbeatable in long rounds

  • Ability to consistently deal with threats

  • Very vulnerable to being bled

  • Vulnerable to hard removal (like Scorch)

  • Draw Reliant

Archetype Explanation

The ever looming threat of Tuirseach warriors pillaging your board with their barrage of weathers and removal has been persistent for many patches of Gwent, and the waves of new meta didn’t completely overwhelm the brave Skelligers. Though they’re less prevalent than they were in times past, Axemen are still a force to be reckoned with and whoever underestimates their power will pay the price.

Axemen turn the low-tempo play of weather into something more threatening, as with every tick of weather not only the opponent’s board shrinks but yours grows as well. The other common inclusions are, obviously, weather cards - Skellige Storm, Ragh Nar Roog, Drought, and White Frost ensure your stay in the long rounds, while the combination of Harpooners and Lacerates provide the big tempo swings in a scenario where the opponent needs to be overtaken.

The deck really shines in long rounds from which the opponent cannot escape. In a drawn-out confrontation, not many decks can match Axemen’s offering. As the consequence, the shorter the round is, the worse off Axemen are. That is why, in a scenario where the Axemen are bled out of cards in round 1, with the opponent refusing to yield, Axemen players can find themselves in quite of a pickle. Furthermore, Axemen list, in general, lack any ability to search through or thin their deck which means that the deck becomes a very draw-dependent one - if you don’t draw your weathers, your glorious crew won’t sail that far upon the Ladder Seas.

Sample Decklists:

Misogi’s Axemen

Misogi’s Axemen, using Crach as a leader, makes use of the New Battle Maiden and of Herbalist as ways to counter Axemen’s natural lack of thinning. Avall’ach serves a similar purpose, with the remaining cards playing into the standard Axemen strategy of overwhelming the opponent over the course of a long round.


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