Bear Skellige


  • Strong plays all around
  • Abuses silver spies
  • Strong finishers


  • Opponent might not run spies
  • Tall units can be scorched
  • Vulnerable to getting outtempo’d

The new card Ciri: Nova turned out to be a lot better than expected, and quite some different archetypes tried to utilize it to its maximum effect. The deck that apparently suffers the least from the deckbuilding sacrifices you have to make by only being able to play two copys of each Bronze card seems to be “Beast Skellige”. The deck also manages to abuse the fact that it’s possible to draw spies out of the new Create cards the best. Udalryk, Summoning Circle, Hym, Renew into Hymn and Decoy all allow you to play up to five card advantage spies in a single game. Despite that, if you’re new to the game searching for a good meta decklist to craft this is probably not what you’re looking for, as the way spies behave in combination with create cards is likely going to be changed. However some of the cards are pretty core for the faction Skellige (Restore, Hym, Uldaryk), or good for collection building in general (Geralt:Igni, Ciri : Nova, Renew).

In round 1, get both Light Longships on the board, which is a fairly easy thing to do, as the deck runs “Pirate Captain” as a tutor. These immediately provide your Longship with acceptable targets to it. After that is done, place your units next to the ship so they take damage, and add value to Berserker Marauders. Another way to get points on the board is to kill the Beastmaster by placing it next to the ship, restore it for an immediate 19 points, while also setting up one of the two powerful finishers the deck offers. The deck can maintain card advantage by playing spies – a lot of them. All spies have the same point value of 13 now, so whenever 2 or more of them are lined up in the same row it’s possible to use Geralt Igni for a massive point swing. Beast Skellige prefers to finish in one or two cards (Ciri Nova, Priestess into 8 strength Beastmaster), but it can also manage to win a second long round against most decks by reusing Light Longships. Some versions of the list abuse the fact that several beasts are played and choose to go with Olaf instead of Ciri: Nova, bypassing the deckbuilding cost.


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