Consume Monsters

  • Powerful engine once set up

  • Tons of Carryover

  • Vulnerable to Disruption

  • Loses the game on the spot if successfully disrupted

Archetype Explanation

The addition of Slyzard to the game gave Consume Monsters an unexpected second wind. The ability to reliably get Nekker Warriors and toolbox deck thinning provided one of Gwent’s oldest engines with what it needed to consistently compete and make use of its central card, Nekker, to generate value and avoid a certain level of disruption and inconsistency.

The deck relies on one thing: Nekkers. If Nekker sticks to the board, you win the game - if it doesn’t, you lose the game. The rest of the deck is designed to play into this strategy, by providing you with consume triggers that make Nekkers more valuable, with tools to search for Nekkers reliably, and with with consistent acccess to Nekker Warrior to make sure you never run out of Nekkers.

Often, when the engine is set up properly, you can win games from 3 or 4 cards down - simply because of the carryover value that Nekkers provide throughout the game. Because it is such a linear strategy, it’s easy to disrupt: cards like Artifact Compression and Mardroeme banishing your Nekkers can destroy your gameplan, and you don’t have a secondary win condition without them. As such, this is a deck that preys on lack of removal. When left unchecked, however, it can be unstoppable.

Sample Decklists:

Sadfury’s Consume

This build uses the standard engine as well as cards like Shadow to increase the rate at which you draw your Nekkers. Golds like Muzzle are essential for the mirror match (to steal a Nekker or steal back a stolen Nekker) and can find decent value otherwise. Most of the other choices are just a matter of maximizing value while enabling the engine. While cards like Geralt: Igni might provide better value immediately, cards like Kayran provide a Consume Trigger and, as such, increase the value of your win condition - and you’re all in on that win condition.


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