Archetype Explanation

Consume has long been a mainstay of the Monsters faction. The keyword ability allows units to receive a variety of effects, from buffing the unit to removing other units from the board. When combined, the archtype has an incredibly synergistic shell that can output power on a level few other decks can.

The core of the deck has remained the same for several months. Nekker, Arachas Behemoth, Vran Warrior, and Celeano Harpy give the deck a combination of swarming, carryover, and tempo. This bronze shell works fluidly with the rest of the deck and can contest against most other decks.

The archtype has seen several new additions with this patch, but the most exciting is the new and improved Kayran. Sporting a consume trigger and an ability that can be both defensive and offensive, it’s the perfect addition to the archtype and gives it some much needed flexibility.

While the deck did receive new or reworked toys, it also took some hits with the latest patch. The immunity loss on gold units is partifularly felt in Consume, as its leader Unseen Elder is often a huge unit. In patches past you could protect your board with an Unseen Elder and lock them behind an immune body, but now it is more a liability thanks to Scorch effects. Additionally cards like Vran Warrior, Katakan, and Ekkimara are susceptible to Scorch and reset effects, and when hit with a well-timed removal spell the deck can instantly be put into a dire situation.

Sample Decklists:
Lifecoach’s 40 Card Consume

Certainly one of the most interesting builds seen in recent weeks, Lifecoach throws all normal deckbuilding theory out the window and assembles a monstrous horde to run down everythin in his path. With a 40 card deck, a higher number of muster units can be run, and this deck packs sets of Harpy, Arachas, Nekker, and Crones to do just that.

jdb100’s Consume

Jdb100 puts us back in a more standardized build of Consume, with the standard core of the deck out in full force. Succubus and Grave Hag give the deck massive point swings to close out games, while the Nekker and Nekker Warrior package gives the deck additional late game power.