Cursed Skellige

  • High Tempo and High Reach.

  • Resillient to Damage Effects.

  • Weaker finishers than other decks (can’t beat Joachim de Wett or Dol Blathana Protectors in short rounds)

Archetype Explanation

Cursed Skellige exploits their ability to consistently generate strong tempo plays over the first few turns of a game, while also threatening a fair amount of reach with Crach an Craite into Djenge Frett. Using this tempo they can generate card advantage or an advantageous pass while preparing their graveyard for a decently strong medium length round.

The deck, much like a lot of other Skellige decks, is an aglomeration of sorts - it generates consistently high value through small engines like Raging Berserker and Battle Maiden, while packing some punch with swings like Crach and Coral.

Ideally, you abuse the constant value generation to force an advantageous pass or to generate too much tempo for your opponent to keep up. Flexibility in when you pass means the deck is hard to counter entirely - you’ll always find some way or another of fighting for the round. You might, however, simply not have enough power to compete against some other, greedier engines - or you might find yourself getting outvalued by removal cards like Geralt: Igni or Scorch, since your units will have a large base strength.

Sample Decklists:

Cursed Skellige

Trynet123’s list, using Crach an Craite as a leader.


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