Dagon Swarm

  • Best tempo play out of any deck in the game (Woodland Spirit)
  • Ability to set up carryover

  • Very dangerous mulligans
  • Vulnerable to Lacerate / Chironex

Archetype Explanation

A common staple in metas past, Dagon Swarm is a very familiar deck, especially due to its recent huge popularity previous to the end of season patch. Given the fact that Armor NR decks generally fell out of favor after the last balance changes, Dagon Swarm sees one of its worst matchups gone, allowing it to be a consistent climbing deck in the current meta. This archetype’s game plan is based on a very high tempo Round 1 with the traditional Woodland Spirit opener, which doubles as a finisher in Round 3 paired with Renew.

With cards like Bekker’s Twisted Mirror and Commander’s Horn you have several big swing cards that can instantly shift the tide in your favor. Ekimmaras guarantee your carryover, and synergize quite well with harpy eggs, doubling as a Renew enabler if you eat one of your gold units. Nekker Warrior is meant to be used on your Harpies, since they get placed at the bottom of your deck, there is no risk of drawing them in later rounds. Archgriffins are your standard counter to weather while also providing you utility by switching bronze cards from graveyard to graveyard. Royal Decree gives you another shot at getting one of the two gold units in your deck, ensuring that your Renew has a target more consistently. Roach thins your deck while Morvudd enables you to lock priority targets or damage a buffed unit. Dorregaray enables you huge flexibility with the units it spawns.

Dagon Swarm has the same vulnerabilities as it has known across many patches. Weather clears remove your ability to passively generate value turn after turn, but this alone is not game-losing - the biggest weakness here are effects that damage several units at once, like Chironex and Lacerate. Even units like Whale Harpooner will gain crushing value against the Swarm due to the stacked rows setting up easy bronze swing for your opponent. Still, most of the matchups for this archetype are decent to favorable, hence its current popularity.

Sample Decklists:

Dagon Swarm

Gwentmania Swarm

Both variants of Raikou’s Dagon Swarm focus on the Beast synergy and using Nekker Warriors on Harpies. The biggest difference between those lists is the second gold unit. In the standard variant, Ifrit and Yennefer are played, enabling you to get massive value swings if you have a full board. By winning Round 1 with carryover, and swarming the board as fast as possible before using Yennefer, enables you to either 2-0 your opponent or force them to go into a card deficit to overcome your points. The Gwentmania variant focuses mostly on countering two of the most popular decks: Restore Skellige and Spella’tael; Caretaker being one of the best graveyard hate tools to deal with Skellige, while Scorch can be immensely devastating against Spella’tael, dealing with their unstaggered Dol Blathanna Protectors.


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