Dale's TwitchCon 2017 Experience


Hello everyone!  Dale here, with a quick update about my experience at TwitchCon this year. First and foremost it was an absolutely amazing time and exceeded every expectation that I had. I got to meet up with both IAmMithranor and McBeard (who are as awesome in person as they are on stream) and the lovely OutstarWalker from GoG.  There were even a couple members of CDPR at the show floor giving away a streaming kit containing the starter pack and a faction pin (managed to snag Monsters and Skellige!). I wholeheartedly recommend going if you were on the fence and I hope to meet even more people next year!

You can watch me stream every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 6pm to 9pm US Central time over at twitch.tv/thewhitewolph and check out my Youtube channel here.


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