Archetype Explanation

The new patch has given Monsters a plentiful array of new toys to play around with. The deathwish archetype is one of them. Although the “deathwish” keyword has been a commonplace in Gwent for a long time, the archetype in question didn’t have proper tools to support it.

With the inclusion of new cards such as Cyclops, Rotfiend, Archespore, and revamped Shadow and Griffin, it’s now possible for everyone to indulge in this fun, if inconsistent archetype.

When the stars align, Deathwish monsters are capable of putting out huge numbers of points, with powerful card combinations like Cyclops+Rotfiend, while simultaneously pestering the opponent with Archespores which might not look as powerful on paper, but are really hard to put down and thus shine in long rounds.

Unfortunately, Deathwish doesn’t seem to be that much favoured by the universe, making the aforementioned alignment of stars a fairly challenging endeavour. With almost no thinning and tutoring tools, it might get tricky to get the hand that you wish for, putting you in a very challenging position. Furthermore, for all its exciting synergies, the archetype severely lacks any kind of round 3 plan and should it come to it, the only hope you have is simply overpowering the opponent by whatever stats you have remaining.

But, should the luck be in your favour, Deathwish might surprise you with its burst tempo potential, which will make your opponent wish for death.

Sample Decklists:

Vishra Deathwish Hybrid

Vishra utilizes Deathwish alongside a minor weather package to provide the Deathwish with much needed consistency and a stronger say in a long round. Fog in combination with Archespores will make a drawn-out round a much more enjoyable for a Deathwish player, as not all current archetypes can afford the luxury of including the damage over time effects, meaning the longer round goes on, the better it is for you.

The inclusion of Ge’els, Roach and Harpies gives the deck the thinning which it so drastically lacks, giving you a better chance of finding your power cards, with which you can seal the deal in the final round.

Type 2000 Nekker Launcher

One fairly niche Gwent streamer commonly asks his viewers a rhetorical question - “at the end of day, isn’t having fun is the most important thing?”. It seems that A_minus took that question and turned it into his own personal mantra which led to the creation of the said deck. Nekker launcher, as the name implies, is a decklist, the basic idea of which is growing large power nekkers and then literally throwing them at opponents board, an ability kindly provided by the new card, Cyclops.

The deck lacks any kind of thinning which might prove to be unfortunate, however, the inclusion of fairly flexible silvers like Operator and Dorregaray provide you with an ability to make the best out of the situation.

While this deck won’t help you climb to the Gwent Olympus, it is, nonetheless, an extremely fun idea, that should be tried by everyone, at least once.