Archetype Explanation

Discard has been present in nearly every meta in Gwent’s history, and this time its no exception. Skellige has a variety of tools that allow them to discard from both hand and deck, allowing them to consistently draw their powerful cards while putting key tools in their graveyard for later usage.

Previous powerhouse discard units like Ermion, Svanrige, and Bran are joined by the new Clan Drummond Warmonger, which gives discard decks another option for additional deck thinning. Discard options have plenty of variety ranging from the classic Queensguard plays to Clan an Craite Raider or Clan Tuirseach Skirmishers.

While they may have weak early games, once set up discard decks have powerful end game finishers. Queensguard, Clan Tuirseach Skirmisher, Ciri: Dash, and Clan Dimun Pirate Captains give the deck many angles of attack.

Sample Decklists:

zThanatos’ Tuirseach Captain

A deck built for the long game, zThanatos pulls together all the classic elements of the discard archtype. King Bran and Clan Drummond Warmonger give the deck consistent thinning, while the combination of the veteran units gives the deck huge power swings late in the game.