Eredin Iris

  • Strong comeback mechanics

  • Very high point ceiling

  • Reliant on drawing Iris

  • Requires some setup

Archetype Explanation

With the new patch, the Wild Hunt archetype receives two key strength increases with Wild Hunt Hound and Wild Hunt Rider. These two buffs, coupled with Wild Hunt Hound and Wild Hunt Navigator becoming agile units, take an already strong deck and push it into competitive viability. The Wild Hunt archetype, long-suffering from a small card pool and limited flexibility, has at last found its footing.

Iris, and the ability to reuse and abuse her, is the absolute focal point of the deck and should be considered a comeback mechanic as well as a proactive way to shut the opponent out of a round. Iris can and should be deployed multiple times throughout the game with Caretaker and, on occasion, Summoning Circle. Her ability to repeatedly empower your carryover or act as a smashing finisher with the right combo setup cannot be matched by any other silver unit.

The deck’s strength lies in that Iris can be used without counterplay as long as she is used after Wild Hunt Rider. Using Iris to her full potential often secures games on the spot. The deck suffers when Iris is not drawn, due to a lack of raw power each card provides. This can be mitigated with aggressive mulligans and the use of powerful tutor cards, such as Monsters’ trusty golden deck-thinner, Ge’els.

Sample Decklists:

Iris Eredin

This deck plays like a relatively traditional Eredin Frost list with the key exception of the tempo afforded by Iris. Iris helps win rounds and serves as a potent finisher. Remember to utilize Iris in conjunction with Wild Hunt Riders for the instant Iris value under Frost - the opponent has no chance to move her, strengthen her, heal her, or even destroy her for good with Mardroeme or Coral / Artifact Compression (two tech cards you need to watch out for as they spell instant doom for the Lady von Everec). Don’t cast Frost on too many rows prematurely, as this can be devastating if the opponent has a weather clear. Never get too greedy for Frost value that you end up exhausting all your sources of weather and losing your win condition.


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