Future of the Beta Brawls

The 1st month of the beta brawl ended last week, culminating in a memorable shoutcast by McBeardCH. I took over from Devizz shortly before the top 8 finals and since then, I had been putting in some thought regarding the future of this championship. With the Passiflora being a monthly thing, I need to adapt to that by making the Beta Brawls span over 3 weeks.

First off, much appreciation for Devizz for starting this up and allowing me to step in in your stead. I definitely don’t have the initiative to start something like this. Having said that, I dislike the way that the top 8 was being determined. An uneven number of participants creates an uneven bracket with some players getting a free pass in round 1. The stochastic nature of randomizing seeds in a single-elim bracket means that some players could get an easy route while others might face a top player in the 1st round. Hence, the signalling effect of these results might be skewed. Those being knocked out early has no business with the rest of the tournament anymore. This type of tournament also forces participants to be there at a specific time, creating scheduling issues as it’s impossible to find a perfect time when everyone is free. Lastly, it is very time consuming as players need to finish among the top in multiple preceding tournaments before moving on to the finals.

The swiss format solves the problems of multiple preceding tournaments to determine the top 8. The pairing procedure makes it less time consuming and stochastic than single-elims, providing the final ranking with slightly more robust information that requires less games. Players performing poorly still get to play on and a flexible schedule means that players can play out their matches at any time providing they finish all of them before a specified deadline.

As before, the top 8 seeds will move on to the monthly finals occurring at the end of each month. I’m not afraid to make make changes to the format if people are dissatisfied with it. Your feedback is much appreciated and required to further improve the Beta Brawls. It is a community-driven championship after all.


  1. So has Devizz left you completely in charge or are you both running the beta brawls?

    I like the idea in general. One thing I think was missing was the ability for new players and free to play players to compete in the brawls and have fun (getting knocked out in the first round by a pro deck is not fun). From what I understand, this format will allow these players to compete and have a metric to compare themselves to even if the get an unlucky first match.

    • Yes Devizz passed the torch to me. One of the advantages of the Swiss format is that relatively inexperienced players could play out the entire tournament.

  2. I have a question. “For the Swiss bracket, participants have 48 hours to complete each round. Please contact your opponent to schedule a suitable time for your match.”
    What if we couldn’t agree on the time of our match? Like we live in different time zones and I have free time to play while my opponent has working hours and vice versa. Can opponents be switched?

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