• Strong long rounds
  • Resillient to non-removal damage

  • Vulnerable to graveyard hate and cards like Artifact Compression
  • Vulnerable to hard removal (Thunders / Scorches)
  • Vulnerable to movement

Archetype Explanation

Greatswords use the value generation engine of Clan an Craite Greatsword and Light Longship to generate value over a long round, while also strenghtening units as a way to set up future rounds. While Light Longship is Regressing, Greatswords can be ressurrected in later rounds while being strenghtened.

The gold slots are taken by the classic Skellige duo of Coral and Madman Lugos to simply provide reliable, consistent value. The other two slots can be flexed between cards like Geralt: Igni, Wild Boar of the Sea or even Royal Decree to find the other golds more reliably.

As most of the suboptimal decks in the current format, one of the deck’s weaknesses is the inability to keep up with finishers like Joachim de Wett. While you’ll often ressurect a big Greatsword, Joachim will still provide more value. Besides, cards like Artifact Compression can be absolutely devastating, while any card that deals 7 or more damage in a single turn can disrupt your Greatsword strategy and force you to expend Priestess of Freya early in the game, robbing you of your late game win condition. Lastly, cards like Scorch and Eskel will find immense value against you, since you’ll have very high base strenght units on the field.

Sample Decklists:

New Greatswords

A list which you, perhaps, had a pleasure of seeing in action on the recent GwentSlam #3 tourney, revitalizes the seemingly forgotten archetype. Since movement and other row disruption is less prevalent on ladder, this list decides not to use Flaminicas as their utility becomes not as important for the deck’s success. It also incorporates Skjall+Uldaryk package for an easier access to a silver spy, with Raging Berserker being used a secondary Skjall target, if the Uldaryk has already been expended or is currently in your hand.

Kraken_Patronus’ Greatswords

Kraken Patronus’s Greatswords uses Battle Maidens to get more combo pieces and set up better, as well as Wild Boar of the Sea to double down on the strategy. Djenge Frett provides a high tempo pull from Crach an Craite and can serve as a finisher as well.


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