GwentSlam #3 - What to expect?

Slowly, but steadily, GwentSlam has turned into an event which the Gwent community looks forward to each month. The casual, laid-back atmosphere created by the lovely duo of hosts and tourney organizers, Lifecoach and his wife Mirijam, make it most certainly a unique tournament - a nice change of pace from the intensity and stressful competition of the other tournaments, as the falls are softened by the delicious catering and legendary ball pit. Come December 2nd, both players and viewers alike will have an opportunity to enjoy few rounds of Gwent, Austrian-style.

As always, 8 players will compete in a format of single elimination conquest for the total prize pool of 10,000 USD. The 1st-8th place non-invitee players will receive crown points based on their finish (invitees do not qualify for crown points). Casters and hosts include McBeard, Mogwai, Merchant, Panda & Ash (most likely).

Petrify: An eccentric player from the land down under captivated his stream audience both with his exquisite taste in music and consistent demonstration of high-level play. Now, after soldiering through a grueling open qualifier, he gets the chance to prove himself, as GwentSlam #3 marks his debut at the high-stakes live event.

eiSloth: When it comes to live tournaments, eiSloth is not a rookie - an audience had the opportunity to see him at the Gamescom Gwent Open where he got eliminated in the quarterfinals. After earning his well-deserved spot at the second day of open qualifiers, it’s highly probable that he’s more willing to prove that he’s yet to reach his peak as the competitive player and GwentSlam would be a perfect place to do so.

Dyuhaaa: Sometimes, it seems that the universe itself colludes against us. After securing his spot for the previous GwentSlam, Dyuhaaa wasn’t able to attend due to the complications with his visa. Thankfully, justice is restored, for by the grace of Lifecoach he received the invite to the upcoming tournament. A dark horse of the event, not much is known about him, so both the audiences and the players are in for a surprise.

GameKing: with the victory on the last GwentSlam, GameKing managed to break his 2nd place curse, which he accumulated with his GwenTogether and GwentSlam #1 performances. A consistent presence on live events, the guaranteed quality with which GameKing performs cannot be understated - and who knows, perhaps he will be the first person to become a back-to-back GwentSlam champion.

Freddybabes: Gwent’s golden child, Freddybabes has been making a name for himself in the tournament scene since the first GwentSlam which he left with the title of the champion in the pocket. Although he didn’t make it to the finals in the follow-up tournament, he didn’t give up and returned to the Gwent Open stronger than ever, securing a decisive victory in the finals in a stunning 3-0 versus Tailbot. That win not only ensured his invite to Gwent Challenger but to GwentSlam #3 as well. Don’t be mistaken - even though Freddy is the youngest competitor, he has more than enough skill to challenge the veterans of the scene.

Adzikov: Polish pro-ladder superstar, it’s a rare sight not to see him somewhere near the top 5 rankings for 2 consecutive seasons. That consistent performance ensured he received yet another invite to the GwentSlam tournament and with each subsequent appearance on the live event, Adzikov has demonstrated better and better results - and maybe this will be the time where he will claim the victory and prove to his critics that he’s more than just a ladder player.

Shaggy: After taking the Gamescom Gwent Open by storm, and testing the waters in GwentSlam #1, Shaggy returns to the 3rd iteration of the GwentSlam, more than ready to claim the grand prize. A player who prides himself on the surgical precision of his plays, it’s always a pleasure to see him perform, and the audiences will have just the opportunity to do so next week.

Tailbot: Tailbot is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Exhibiting both the highest win rate on the pro-ladder and the solid tournament performance - making it to the finals on the last Gwent Open, and most notably carrying out a daring 2-3 reverse sweep against Hanachan’s Movement Scoia’tael. Tailbot has all the makings of a Gwent superstar, just missing the last component: a triumph on a live event. Maybe the GwentSlam #3 will become that stepping stone which will kick off a tournament winstreak? Only time will tell.


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