Archetype Explanation

Hybrid Monsters returns once again, this time looking stronger than ever due to several changes within the archtype. Harpies now provide a great tempo boost round 1 and takes over the thinning foglets used to provide, but the tradeoff leaves you with even riskier mulligans due to also having nekkers and a single foglet on board.

Hybrid builds rely on two of the strongest monster mechanics, weather and the consume effect. Weather is used to provide a strong damage over time effect that favors playing long rounds, and also introduces the availability of one of the strongest Monster golds, Woodland Spirit. The consume effect is prevalent in the deck’s bronze core, with the combination of Vran Warriors + Celaeno Harpies providing incredible tempo, Ekimmaras used as very versatile carryover or tempo tools in combination with Harpy eggs, and Nekkers providing great carryover finishers for Round 3 thanks to their unique replacement ability.

This deck is specifically weak to the mulligan phase, since there’s a very high chance of having terrible draws when having to Mulligan away all Harpies, a foglet and also extra nekkers. Regardless, its bronze core is essentially unchanged while its gold cards are absolutely fantastic in the current patch, especially Kayran’s ability to consume any enemy unit under six strength and boost itself by that number, making it a great value control card that can counter round 1 strategies like Henselt’s Siege Supports or Nilfgaard’s Impera Enforcers or even entirely counter gold cards like Old Speartip, Succubus or Harald the Cripple himself.

Regardless, this deck still has its flaws. Other than the mulligan it cannot truly guarantee great consistency in round 3 draws, and is also quite weak to multiple lock effects and heavy removal in round 1. If Vran Warriors cannot consume a minimum amount of units due to removal a lot of value is lost throughout the game as your Nekkers will be significantly less powerful.

Sample Decklists:

Panda’s Hybrid Consume

ImpetuousPanda’s version of Hybrid Consume opts for a control variant, and includes a cards like Igni or Kayran to counter the opponent’s strategies while also including some protection against popular meta decks like golden weather Scoia’tael by including Abaya. Although a fraction less consistent than other versions due to the inclusion of Roach, the deck’s Round 1 tempo is unbelievable, especially when winning coinflip and having Renew and Woodland spirit in hand. This allows for a Round 1 Woodland spirit with the security that you can renew it for future rounds, while also thinning out Harpies from your deck and providing a massive horizontal spread of power on the board. Monster’s Nest and Dorregaray can also be seen as versatile control or carryover cards, as you’re able to easily dispatch 6-strength engine units like Impera Enforcers or Siege Supports by pushing them into empty weather’d rows.