Machine NR


  • Very high tempo
  • Very strong long rounds
  • Abuses coinflip


  • Vulnerable to spot removal
  • Weak short rounds

Archetype Explanation

The mainstay Henselt combos generally include Reinforced Siege Tower, or Battering Rams. Getting one of these units on the board and then pulling the rest from the deck with Henselt results in gigantic point swings, which can be very difficult for your opponent to deal with. The addition of Winch increases this power, allowing you to pull two copies from your deck instead of just two. If you run Nenneke, you can even get a five unit Hensel finisher! This can sometimes result in crushing tempo plays in a single turn, especially if you're able to make use of Crew.

As usual, the deck has difficulty when it gets bled out - its one card finisher isn’t the best, but it generates so many points earlier that you can avoid that downfall most of the time. Spot removal can also be problematic as it denies you Henselt targets, but this problem is lessened by the addition of Winch.


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