Machine Swarm

  • Very high tempo

  • Very strong medium and long rounds

  • Vulnerable to spot removal

  • Weak short rounds

Archetype Explanation

The introduction of Ronvid and the general evolution of the meta sees Machines remain a strong option for anyone wanting to play Northern Realms.

The mainstay Henselt combos generally include Kaedweni Siege Supports, or Battering Rams. Getting one of these units on the board and then pulling the rest from the deck with Henselt results in gigantic point swings, which can be very difficult for your opponent to deal with. Playing Thaler and being 20 points behind allows you to pull your Light Cavalries from deck, and cards like Ronvid make sure you always have Crewmen on the field so your machines get optimal value.

Finishers come in the form of cards like Shani or Villentretenmerth, as well as Henselt himself - but they are admittedly weaker than other factions’ finishers, and so the deck thrives on medium-length rounds. Cards like Margarita and Muzzle serve as a counter to the prevailing strategies that populate the meta right now, and can be switched out if necessary.

Sample Decklists:

Misogi’s Machines

Misogi’s Machines are the closest to a standard Henselt list you’ll find, simply utilizing their value to fight for the rounds while also sporting the classic Light Cavalry - Thaler package. Battering Rams can be replaced by Reinforced Ballistas to destroy Impera Enforcers on deploy (if you have two crewmen on the field.)


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