Archetype Explanation

In the world populated by the magic interdimensional elves, mages, vampires and beasts of a horrid nature, the machine archetype of Northern Realms is perhaps the perfect example of the human ingenuity which keeps the common people afloat against overwhelming power of enchanted adversaries.

It should be noted though that siege engines traditionally are slow and clunky - and so is Machine NR archetype. It takes more than a few turns to set things up properly before the machines can be utilized to their full value. In these few turns, the opponent can either simply outpace you with their power plays or remove your key pieces from the board, forcing you out of the round and bleeding you out of cards.

Should this archetype be bled out, there’s not much that aspiring siege masters can do but to pray to RNGesus. That being said, if Machine NR is able to get their momentum going, there are few walls which can withstand its devastating barrage.

Sample Decklists:

Henselt Machines

This list tries to compensate for the archetype’s lack of initial tempo by the inclusion of Dun Banner Light Cavalry. Should the opponent try to force you out of the round as quickly as possible they will be greeted by the unpleasant (for them) surprise of Light Cavalry jumping out of your deck. If you’ve already managed to establish several siege supports, the cavalry will most certainly solidify your standing in the round.

Iris can reinforce your stay in the round even further as machines should not have any issues dealing with a 3 point token with either ballistas or battering rams.

Overall, this list tries to win round 1 as soon as possible, using the explosive tempo of Light Cavalry and Iris package and then transitions into a really long round 3, where the remaining machines and Drought clean up the remainder of opponent’s forces.