Mahakam Ale Festival Expert guide [SPOILER]

Enjoying the drinks? So are we - but ale sometimes makes it hard to think, and you might be having some trouble figuring out the solution to the expert challenge puzzles. If you are, don’t worry - Team Gwentlemen is here to give you a hand, so you can get right back to the fun!

Trial of the Glasses:

Quite possibly the hardest of the three challenges. The key to winning this one is forcing your opponent to play the entirety of round 1, that is, never getting too ahead so he can’t pass.

Turn 1: Play Yarpen Zigrin.

Turn 2: Play Zoltan Chivay. Buff Yarpen and kill both of the opponent’s Drunken Sailors.

From there on out continue developing your board, making sure not to surpass the opponent by an amount he can’t surpass in a single play (he will then pass, and win a long r2/3 with his Drunken Sailors).

Round 2:

If you’ve played a deep round 1, you should have been able to win it with significant carryover. Feel free to try and 2-0, or to just drypass and let him try and catch up. Either one should allow you to win.

General Tips:

If you can, prevent the opponent from triggering Ale of the Ancestors by using Foul Ale and your movement units (to place Sailors next to Foul Ale) to kill off his Drunken Sailors. The later Ale of the Ancestors comes out, the better for you.

Battle of the Bards:

Before you begin with this challenge, we urge you to try and solve it on your own. It’s a very fun and interesting challenge that puts a lot of emphasis on sequencing.

Round 1: Priscilla.

Round 2: Rhapsodic Melody (friendly melee row).

Round 3: Rhapsodic Melody (friendly melee row).

Round 4: Use Priscilla on enemy’s melee row Festgoer.

Round 5: Use Bardic Power Chords on enemy’s melee row Festgoer.

Round 6: Use Priscilla on any enemy’s Festgoer.

Enter the Tippler:

The easiest of the three challenges.

Round 1: Dry pass

Round 2: Turn 1: Thunderbolt Potion on TWO enemy Crones (If you buff all three, the Troll will pass).

Turn 2: Kill She-Troll of Verden using Dwarven Skirmisher

Then, just create large carryover using Odrin and Mahakam Defender. You should be able to win round 2 with a large amount of carryover.


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