Weekly overview - Meta snapshot, Keg Helper etc.

As always, we’ve been busy here over at The Gwentlemen, and this week we have a few big things to announce - there’s a little something for everyone!

Meta Snapshot

It’s finally that time of the month… it’s meta snapshot time! After a big amount of research, testing and feedback we’ve come to make this meta snapshot as accurate as possible. We provide a few variations of every archetype to make sure we didn’t forget anything. Like always, if there is any feedback, we love to hear it - the Meta Snapshot will be growing and expanding in the future and we’d love to get as much community input as possible so it best suits your needs!

Keg Helper

There are lots of people out there that need some help picking their cards from a keg - the meta shifts from week to week and we keep our Keg Helper as current as possible to what cards are the most worthwhile picks. We intend to provide that help with a tool that integrates itself seamlessly into the Gwent UI, very similar to the GwentTracker you’re used to - both were designed by legendary community member Buffy. Click the Keg Helper link above to download it!

The Gwentlemen’s Invitational

Week 6 will be streamed tonight on the Gwentlemen Twitch Channel at 20:00 CEST / 14:00 EST. It’s the last week of the Swiss round, so after this week we’ll know who makes the playoffs to get their chance at the ever-increasing prize pool - now over $1000!

The Gwentlemen’s Open

Prize money of $250. Everyone can compete, all you have to do is sign up here.

New Articles

Who’s the bleed-down? by guest writer Gnurrgard

First Gwent Open infographic & recap by OtakuMZ

New Member

We’re proud to announce that ImpetuousPanda has recently joined our ranks as a new member. You might recognize him from multiple events like TGO, GwenTogether and his very own stream or twitter.


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