Midwinter Guide

In our latest Gwent event we take the reins as Djenge Frett to help Geralt take the fight against a Phoenix before shortly realizing we’re on the wrong side of this fight and instead defending the Phoenix in the final round. For those of you who are just interested in the wards as quickly as possible, here are the solutions to the Expert version of the challenges.

#1 Treacherous Passage - Your Cards Outvalue Your Opponent’s

  1. Greatsword (Ranged Row)
  2. Igni the 3 Giants (Ranged Row)
  3. Greatsword (Ranged Row)
  4. Swallow onto a Greatsword
  5. Archer (Shoot Enemies When Possible)
  6. Djenge
  7. Archer (Shoot Enemies When Possible)
  8. Swallow Onto Anything Alive

#2 Fire And Ice - The Key is to Let Frost Do The Work

  1. Frost the Phoenix
  2. Marauder the Phoenix
  3. Marauder the Phoenix
  4. Marauder the Phoenix
  5. Marauder the Phoenix
  6. Decoy on Marauder to Hit the Phoenix
  7. Freya Nothing (Allow Frost to Tick)
  8. Freya Nothing (Allow Frost to Tick)
  9. Djenge Phoenix

#3 Unexpected Ally - Use Geralt’s Reset Timer to Make Your Cards Last the Whole Round

  1. Geralt > Geralt:Yrden
  2. Mandrake Heal the Phoenix
  3. Geralt > Geralt:Yrden
  4. Swallow the Phoenix
  5. Geralt > Geralt:Aard (Anything)
  6. Swallow the Phoenix
  7. Swallow the Phoenix
  8. Vanilla Geralt


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