Archetype Explanation

Mill contains one of the most unique strategies in Gwent. While decks traditionally win through sheer power, Mill has an alternative way of winning; by gaining card advantage through your opponent having no deck. This effect is acheived through plenty of symmetrical draw effects and your opponents own deck thinning.

Key cards to this archtype like Albrich, Avallach, Cahir, Sweers, and Decoy allow you to not only smooth out your own draws, but put you ever closer to your win condition. The archtype has been given new tools as well this patch in the form of Magni Division and a reworked Alba Spearman, allowing you to now thin your opponent with a full set of bronze cards, an area the archtype previously lacked. Alba Spearman offers a high strength unit that grows even larger the more you assemble your gameplan.

Once you’ve successfully made your opponent work their way through their entire deck, you can take advantage of powerful cards like Tibor Eggerbracht, Vilgefortz, and Avallach. These cards normally have a tradeoff that gives your opponent a card or more for their powerful effects, but when your opponent is unable to draw cards you get them at their maximum power.

The strength of this deck is highly meta dependent, and this is both a blessing and a curse. If the meta contains multiple high tier decks that thin efficiently, it is nearly unstoppable as it will quickly overwhelm the opponent in sheer card advantage. Likewise, if few of the top decks thin their deck, it struggles to turn on its power cards and only enables the opposition further. Finally, the deck is extremely reliant on several key cards, primarily Avallach, Albrich, and Assire Var Anahid. Without these pieces, the deck can stumble easily, and in these situations it is worse than most other decks.

Sample Decklists:

shoeplay’s New Mill

Shoeplays throws down a meta crusher with his list. A full set of Nauzicaa Standard Bearers gives him a hard counter to any weather-based strategies, while letting Alba Spearman and Alchemist give him high-tempo bronze plays elsewhere. A singleton copy of Combat Engineer also combos impressively with Alba Spearman, as its abilitiy will trigger between rounds and helps mitigate the new resiliency reset.