Archetype Explanation

While Movement decks were rarely seen in the past, this patch has kicked the deck into overdrive. Dwarven Agitator allows the deck to effectively run six copies of Dwarven Mercenary, giving the deck the ability to manipulate the board state every round.

Backing up a strong bronze package is a retooled cast of silver and gold units. Ciaran has gained even more strength in the current meta, allowing the deck to deal with any recurring abilities, while Sheldon Skaggs,  Zoltan Chivay and Geralt: Aard let you manipulate large portions of the board at once.

Maybe the strongest part of the archetype is its strength in conjunction with row-affecting cards like weather, Merigold’s Hailstorm, and Lacerate. The ability to stack or spread rows as you please allows you to gain maximum effectiveness from these cards, even if your opponent is attempting to play around them.

While the deck is extremely powerful over long rounds, it can struggle in round 3 if it is bled out in earlier rounds. Likewise, there are very few tempo plays available to the deck without the use of Blue Mountain Commandos. This can lead to falling behind high power openings from decks like Northern Realms.

Sample Decklists:

vishra’s Bodycheck Movement

When a new patch hits, gold weather always works as a check to the meta, and this time is no exception. Vishra’s deck combines the power plays that movement lists naturally have with three round-winning spells. Thanks to the ability of Yaevinn, the deck always has easy forms of access to one of these spells, while the units disrupt the opposition at every turn.

tkuns Pyro Mobility

Tkuns takes a unique approach to the movement archtype, eschewing Dwarven Mercenary entirely. Instead he uses Dwarven Agitator to get multiple copies of Pyrotechnician, unlocking the power of the dwarf through a full movement playset of Vrihedd Brigades, Zoltan Chviay, and Geralt: Aard. Francesca adds an unparalleled tutoring ability to the deck, letting you hit the perfect piece necessary for any situation.