Eredin Control

  • Large amounts of control

  • Can put out a surprising amount of points

  • Lack of proactive plays

  • Weak in short rounds

Archetype Explanation

This deck works, in many ways, like Dagon used to work - it attempts to keep up in points while staying ahead in carryover so it can force an advantageous pass or generate card advantage. Biting frost revealed to be quite effective against a lot of the meta's threats, like Nekker or Impera Enforcer - as well as Drowners threatening to instantly kill Impera Enforcer immediately by dragging it into Frost.

While the deck is brutally effective at countering strategies that rely on going tall, it may struggle against decks that swarm heavily - therefore, it’s rather meta-dependent. Lack of proactive plays can make it prone to getting out-tempoed and the focus on control places the onus on your opponent: they have to play something that you can remove.

Sample Decklists:

PetrifySC2’s Eredin Control

The build utilizes movement options and frost to control the opponent’s board. Frosts should be played intelligently to avert loss of value if the opponent plays weather clears.


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