Eredin Control

  • Strong against large units

  • Can put out a surprising amount of points

  • Vulnerable to Swarm

  • Vulnerable to locks / control

Archetype Explanation

With the recent buffs to Wild Hunt bronzes, Eredin’s popularity on the ladder has increased. While Eredin’s cavalcade definitely has the means to go through the initial two rounds, Longships can be very fragile as a win condition and while some decks solve that problem by utilizing alternative cards such as Iris, Scorch Eredin goes in a completely different direction and takes an extremely reactive approach to the whole gameplan.

The deck’s core cards reflect its name, Villentretenmerth allows one to dictate the state of the board in the last round; Scorch or Geralt: Igni provide unexpected point swings in the early or mid-game, or make sure that any attempts at staggering units to save them from Villentretenmerth are futile. While hard removal tools dispatch big units, bronzes deal with lower strength targets and shut down engines before they’re able to snowball. Wild Hunt Hounds provide the weather that’s necessary for Drowners and Wild Hunt Warriors to achieve their full value. Movement and damage dealing options synergize nicely with scorching effects, allowing no opportunities to be wasted.

While the deck is brutally effective at countering strategies that rely on going tall, it may struggle against decks that swarm heavily - therefore, it’s rather meta-dependent. Lack of proactive plays can make it prone to getting out-tempoed and the focus on scorching effects makes the traditional weather Eredin mirror matchup unfavorable. The fact that Villentretenmerth can be destroyed constitutes a visible weakness of the deck.

Sample Decklists:

Updated Scorchedin

The build utilizes movement options, frost and Wild Hunt Warriors to help setup scorches using Igni, Villentretenmerth and Scorch. Frightener can be used with summoning circle to help enable scorches creating massive point gain on the opponent. Frosts should be played intelligently to avert loss of value if the opponent plays weather clears. First Light exists as a counter to both gold weather and monster decks, in the worst-case scenario they serve as a thinning option in non-weather matchups.


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