Foltest Swarm

  • Versatile gameplan

  • High point plays in most cards

  • Very dangerous mulligans

Archetype Explanation

An archetype that took a backseat in the previous meta to armour, but should see a resurgence in the coming patch due to it not being affected by the nerfs. This archetype seeks to use every thinning and muster option available to maximise value from its larger than average deck size.

While this archetype is flexible in both leader choice and bronze cards. It makes the most value utilizing Foltest in increasing the strength of the additional bronze units in the deck. This leader combined with Blue Stripes Scouts facilitates muster units generating high value. Witchers and Temerian Infantrymen provide high tempo while John Natalis with Commander’s Horn provides a solid finisher. Dun Banner Light Cavalry serves as a useful catch-up tool to stymie the opponent and catch them off guard.

Nearly every play from this deck is a strong play that combines value with thinning, which it can do throughout all three rounds. However, ideally it wants to thin itself during round 1 so it can hit more of its power cards during the later rounds. It has the flexibility to play differently against a number of decks which contributes to its strength. It can make big tempo plays to gain card advantage in the early rounds or it can bleed down to 1 or 2 cards and play a powerful short round 3.

Sample Decklists:

Foltest Swarm

This deck combines a number of muster units to allow it to both thin and make strong tempo plays at the same time. It can use Ban Ard Tutors to help with a bad mulligan phase & utilise finishers such as the witchers to win short final rounds. Aretuza Adepts provide thinning and Biting Frost can be extremely deadly against decks that don’t run weather clears.


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