Henselt Combo

  • Very high tempo

  • Very strong long rounds

  • Vulnerable to spot removal

  • Weak short rounds

Archetype Explanation

After the hit to Reaver Hunters, the King of Kaedwen’s reign seemed like it was over. But with all the recent changes and newer bronze additions, Henselt has become a commonplace powerhouse in the meta.

The mainstay Henselt combos generally include Kaedweni Siege Supports, or Battering Rams. Getting one of these units on the board and then pulling the rest from the deck with Henselt results in gigantic point swings, which can be very difficult for your opponent to deal with. The addition of Field Medics provides another bronze unit that is able to be combined with Henselt, and opens up another powerful combo in the form of Field Medics recycling Reaver Scouts into Field Medics. This can sometimes result in crushing tempo plays in a single turn, especially if Siege Supports are on the board to buff everything as you chain it all out.

Field Medics can also be used to recycle wounded or locked units back into the deck, for a chance to pull them out at full strength, or replace them with higher value units from the deck. Nenneke is a core Henselt silver that ensures your Henselt will be able to achieve full value, as even if some of your bronzes are destroyed, you can place them back into the deck ready to be Henselted out. Cards like John Natalis and Reinforcement ensure you can find Nenneke, or a bronze unit to activate Henselt on. Shani also helps provide consistency for Henselt, as she not only revives a Henselt target, but also protects it against removal by adding armor to it. Most of the other gold and silver slots are fairly flexible.

Sample Decklists:

Arkanishu’s Henselt

Arkanishu’s NR combines the power of weathers with Henselt’s best machines and Crewmen. It makes use of Thaler and Dun Banner Light Cavalry to sneak out a win in round 1 while also possibly gaining a card advantage for later rounds.

Henselt Combo

The latest hotfix saw slight nerfs to Battering Rams, Nenneke, Dijsktra, Stennis and Shani. Nenneke in particular suffered a key nerf which weakens her in comparison to her Nilfgaardian counterpart, Assire var Anahid. But this iteration of the deck remains quite powerful and can pump out staggering amounts of points if not met by any control. Having Siege Supports get shut down greatly impacts the point generation ability of the deck, but they aren’t always necessary to take games. Battering Rams can be replaced with Ballistae or Reinforced Ballistae, but are still solid. Nenneke and Shani remain core pieces due to their ability to provide consistency and to counter mill strategies. Now that armor has been heavily nerfed it’s considerable to run two sets of machines, and or a full set of Poor Flanking Infantry, as these combo nicely with Commander’s Horn, and Siege Supports. Stennis, while nerfed is still a nice source of thinning and can help you hit targets to start chaining.

The overall style of the deck is swarm, so long rounds are beneficial, and tempoing out round 1 quickly and then either committing to a 2-0 or taking the long round 3 is where the deck really shines. Even when you’re facing control decks that aim to kill off your synergistic units, namely Siege Supports, you can simply focus on slamming down all your bodies for raw value, and save a power play such as Dijsktra or a Henselt combo, or even a Poor Flanking Infantry and a Commander’s Horn for your win condition.


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