Movement ST

  • Powerful tempo plays

  • Takes advantage of Merigold’s Hailstorm and weather

  • Weak round 3 if bled

  • No hard removal

Archetype Explanation

Merigold’s Hailstorm is such a notorious card that you’d be hard pressed to find an opponent who doesn’t play around it as hard as they possibly can. So, if your opponent doesn’t want to stack the row for you, what can you do? Stack the row for them, obviously. That’s exactly what Movement Scoia’tael excels at.

Dwarven Mercenary and Dol Blathanna Marksman make up the main bronze package of the Movement archetype. Marksman allows you to lay waste to your enemies as it deals 2 damage each time either the unit itself or any opponent’s unit is moved around the board. If the opponent underestimates them as a threat, they’ll soon be met with an unpleasant surprise as their value ramps up. Dwarven Mercenaries, on the other hand, are extremely flexible cards which allow you to either move your units out of potential threats or line up your opponent’s units any way you want. Golds and Silvers take the complete advantage of the archetype’s movement capabilities. With so much movement, your Ragh Nar Roog and Drought will never lose a single tick of value. Zoltan Chivay, in combination with Merigold’s Hailstorm, provides you with a devastating finisher.

The deck is a little dependant on the draws. While Yaevinn always pulls a spell for you, which means that you’re guaranteed to draw at least one key card (either a golden weather or Hailstorm), there’s no guarantee that you will get everything you need in your opening hand. Not having access to important cards can make your early game fairly weak. Losing the first round is almost a death sentence to this list, as a wise opponent will not let you leave round 2 until he has bled you out of all of your win conditions.

Sample Decklists:

Movement Scoia’tael

Gwent2Town’s list from previous patch still holds strong, seeing as there weren’t significant changes to the archetype. Aglais and Gold Weathers can be replaced by simple value golds like Geralt: Aard, and some players are starting to experiment with Hattori: but the core is still as solid as ever.


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