New Patch: Day 1 Gwentlemen Decks!

Patch 0.9.11 is here, bringing us the Mahakam Ale Festival and a whole slew of balance changes - making for a dynamic new meta! Check out some Day 1 decklists from Team Gwentlemen to take to the chaos of the ranked ladder! This post will be updated for the first few days of the patch, so check back here to see any fresh takes or tech changes!

GwentSlam Champion Freddybabes is off to college - but before he departs, he’s got a valiant list to help Northern Realms endure their heavy nerfs. Exploit the power of Siege Supports and Henselt’s tempo to overpower your opponent, and control their board with your siege weapons. Iris & Sabrina set up a gamewinning play by Roche or Geralt: Aard - a true backbreaker play. The armor archetype has fallen low, but we haven’t seen the last of the Northern Realms!

Master deckbuilder Swim has already begun work on a new vehicle to uplift the beleaguered Skellige. This list exploits the brilliant power of the reworked Restore - use it to create roided-out Gremists and Dorregarays, then resurrect them with Sigrdrifa for incredible next-round value. Villentretenmerth ensures that your round 3 boardstate will be favorable, and the carryover of Morkvarg and Olgierd protects you from a drypass. For Skellige’s glory!

Check back soon for more decks and updates - may the ladder treat you well, and may every coinflip be yours!


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