Harpooner Skellige

  • Strong Carryover options

  • Very strong short rounds

  • Resistant to being bled

  • Vulnerable to massive tempo swings in round 2

  • Somewhat awkward mulligans

Archetype Explanation

Since the earliest days of Gwent, Discard has been one of the most played archetypes throughout its many iterations. With the recent balance changes, and Restore nerf, the deck lost a slight amount of power - but it remains a strong threat.

This deck’s game plan hinges on carryover, relevant tempo plays and a big finisher provided by Restore. You can easily snowball with this deck, and with the right hand you can outmuscle your opponent Round 1 and secure a win or card advantage through carryover in Round 2. Warmongers and Raiders are your standard tempo package, which double as a Cerys enabler. Harpooners are decent tempo which you can use to set up big Lacerates or disrupt your opponent’s game plan. Coral and Lugos. Gremist and Armorsmith are your answers against weather, while at the same time improving your carryover. Gremist also doubles as a great Restore target.

As it always has been during the entirety of Gwent, the biggest weakness of Skellige in general is graveyard hate. Cards like Katakan and Caretaker are the bane of your strategy. With the gold change, now you have all your three carryover units vulnerable to lock, while Morkvarg and Olgierd are still vulnerable to Artifact Compression. The introduction of Muzzle made Morkvarg even more vulnerable, and the Restore nerf made the card less of a staple, as it’s frequently replaced by alternatives. If you can avoid these pitfalls, this archetype has mostly decent to good matchups - although Spies will often give you a hard time.

Sample Decklists:

Swim’s Why Is this Still a Thing

Swim’s variant eschews Lugos for Muzzle and plays Wolfsbane as a strong tempo discard target. Focusing more on a tempo and value lacerate game plan. Iris serves as a secondary finisher / way to generate value.


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