Archetype Explanation

One of the newest archtypes to Gwent, the Nilfgaardian Soldiers archtype seeks to gain advantages through its tribal synergies. Nilfgaardian Standard Bearer steals the show, as it gains power the more Soldiers you play during the round. Alba Armored Calvary, another new card, is both a strong bronze unit as well as one of the very, very few scrying tools available in the entire Gwent card base. An ideological cousin of Regis Higher Vampire, they allow you to determine the future cards your opponent will have access to, as well as profit off any strong bronzes the enemy has chosen to run.

Combined with this is a powerful selection of silver and gold units that maintain the synergy of the deck. Cards like Peter Saar Gwynleve, Joachim de Wett, and Cahir give you the trademark versatility of Nilfgaardian decks.

While the deck can be powerful, it requires time to get properly set up. In addition, it lacks high tempo plays, as its core pieces require multiple soldiers to get full value.

Sample Decklists:

vishra’s Soldiers of Fortune

A basic take on the deck that combines the powerful core of the deck with a variety of interaction and removal options for a varied meta. Operator allows the deck to get an additional Nilfgaardian Standard Bearer for an even harder snowball.