Archetype Explanation

A less popular archetype in the current meta, but nonetheless worth noting as it has many upsides a lot of other lists currently can not provide.

This archetype strives for pure Value plays without commiting on one strategy/win-condition.

It has great thin & muster options, which can make mulliganing difficult, but with proper backlisting and decision-making in it, it should not be a problem.

While this archetype could be played with any of the 3 Northern Realms leaders, Foltest definitely has an edge here as the deck plays a lot of units, musters and PFI.

If played with any other leader, you would have to change your deck accordingly. The win-condition for this deck lies in the steady supply of very strong plays through all 3 rounds.

While the archetype does well in all 3 rounds, it is missing the ability to outpower decks in long rounds, which are built on high point-finishers (100 point + mark). If playing against those decks such as Armor NRand Axemen, you have to make sure that they only get their point-combos out in 1 round. This archetype can also combine value-plays and disruption-tools brilliantly and do very well against greedy decks because of those.

Sample Decklists:

GumGum┬┤s LubberKing

This Foltest version strives for pure value and in doing so even includes the rarely seen Lubberkin/Botchling combo. Though they are not a necessity for the deck they are great in this specific list built around value, numbers and control.

dgthunderer's 37 Rally

The popular Foltest strategy from metas past makes a return, packing a ton of new toys. Witch Hunters are another muster unit that allows the deck to thin and make strong tempo plays, while the addition of Ban Ard Tutor allows the deck to smooth out its awkward draws.