Another week, another guide - here we have Swim laying out the strategies for his new Dorf deck. In this video guide, he’ll be covering the raw power that the list can deliver, as well as taking the deck to ranked for three games to see how it performs.

If you want to see more from Swim, check out his Twitch Youtube Twitter GwentDB

The decklists used in TGO are generally optimized for strike format so they might not be the best for ladder climbs. Nonetheless, you can find some idea to build your own:  

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Not everyone can make it to a broadcasted talkshow, that’s why we upload the VOD for those people. In this talkshow we had LifeCoach as a guest and talked about the most recent hotfix, the future of gwent and competitive aspects about it.

Here is the VOD of the fight night cast last night! There were 5 players from each side participating, each representing a faction. The chosen format was conquest - win with a faction, and you don’t play with it again: The first team to win with all five factions wins. Some of these games will leave you on the edge of your seat!