The Saovine Patch is here, bringing us the Halloween Event and a whole slew of balance changes. Classic archetypes and new builds alike are thriving - check out some Day 1 decklists from The Gwentlemen to take to the chaos of the ranked ladder!

Swim brings us a new & improved Foltest Swarm build for Northern Realms. The crux of the deck is the interaction of Kaedweni Siege Supports & Germain of Fox Hollow. Abuse the Cow tokens for colossal board strength, and deliver a crushing finisher with Yennefer’s newly Agile Unicorn!

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Saovine or Samhain[1] is a holiday of the elven calendar celebrated at the end of October and beginning of November by both humans as well as elves. It marks the beginning of the new year, and the first savaed, with which it shares the name.

People have taken a habit to burn a figure representing Falka, a famous rebel, on a bonfire during the Saovine.

It’s considered bad luck to play an instrument or enter a graveyard during the time between Saovine and Imbolc. It’s also believed that a child born during the time between the two holidays will become a striga.

The newest Gwent holiday event sees our hero, Germain of Fox Hollow fight against blood crazed Regis, his consort and legions of vampires. For thsoe of you looking to get to your rewards as quick as possible, here are the solutions to the first two puzzles and the general guide to easily beating the third one on first try. These are the solutions for the EXPERT version of the challenges and will not work for the easy ones.

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Musical duo Zero & Sqwerell, aka The Sounds of Gwent bring us a lyrical masterpiece to commemorate the long Autumn drought that we’ve experienced. 

“The Wait for Patchnotes” - The Sounds of Gwent

Gnurrgard brings us another installment of his Gametalk analysis as he takes us through the common stages that we see between the various patches Gwent has experienced over the last year.


We face the final hours of a long and memorable patch, a time of Dagons, a time of Brans. And this is the perfect time to ask ourselves: “How did we end up here?” We will look at the lifecycle of a format and its various phases. This article is heavily inspired by the Chapter “The progression of a format” in Patrick Hoban’s Book “The Road Of The King” (A book I can highly recommend to any card game fan) but here I will try to focus on Gwent and Online CCGs. I’ll also list example decks for the format that happened between September 5th (Scoia’tael hotfix) and September 29th (Agile update) for every kind of deck that I will talk about.

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Guest author Philo delivers the basics on how to correctly predict the contents of your opponent’s hand – and what they plan to do with it.

What are reads?

Making a read is making an educated guess at the cards that your opponent has in their hand. Additionally, it may also refer to educated guesses about the contents of your opponent’s deck, and what they are likely to draw next.

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