Green Cricket asks us to consider the question: Is Gaunter O’Dimm really the “bad card” that people always say he is? The numbers will give us the answer we seek. 

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Talkshow Archive

In this weeks Gwentlemen Talkshow we have special guests TruedawnFM. Truedawn is card game coneiseur with experience in games like Eternal as well as Gwent. He’s a Twitch partner along with being a competitive player on the proladder. This week is all about the leaks as we discuss new cards coming to Gwent in the next patch. We have 6 different cards to talk about with Truedawn, as well as speculation on future card effects. We chat with Dale about his trip to Twitchcon, and talk about the upcoming GwentSlam 2 tournament. We round out by announcing TGO Harvest a open gwent tournament with a $500 prize pool. Sign up here - http://http//

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Guest author Quetzylus takes us back through Gwent's first year in Beta to review the road we've taken, and shed some light on the things yet to come.

Gwent was once just a minigame in The Witcher 3, a side-quest in the overall storyline of the RPG. But with the upcoming release of Thronebreaker, the tables will soon be turned, and role-playing will be Gwent’s minigame.

Turning a simple board game from a singleplayer RPG into a massive multiplayer CCG is by no means an easy task, but one that CDPR has undertaken with success so far. The game we see in its current state is staggeringly different from where it was a year ago at the beginning of the Closed Beta, or even at the beginning of the Open Beta in May. So how exactly did we get here, and what does Gwent’s future hold for us?

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Swim brings us an exciting new card reveal - Peasant Leader! The full text of the card reads: “Peasant Leader: Deploy: Spawn 2 Cows (1 strength) to the right and 2 Cows to the left.” Swim takes us through some cursory analysis of the implications of this powerful new Neutral silver card in the video above.

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Hello everyone!  Dale here, with a quick update about my experience at TwitchCon this year. First and foremost it was an absolutely amazing time and exceeded every expectation that I had. I got to meet up with both IAmMithranor and McBeard (who are as awesome in person as they are on stream) and the lovely OutstarWalker from GoG.  There were even a couple members of CDPR at the show floor giving away a streaming kit containing the starter pack and a faction pin (managed to snag Monsters and Skellige!). I wholeheartedly recommend going if you were on the fence and I hope to meet even more people next year!

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