Passiflora recap Day #2 – German Clean Sweep

Greetings again! Finally the stream of the second day has passed, finally we know who won the whole thing, and finally I can talk about it. The second day was played on the 4th of December, a week ago. The whole day was streamed only yesterday, so we had to keep our mouths shut for a whole week. We managed that, but now it’s time for a full article about it.


You can see the ladder and the results if you scroll a little bit further down, but before you do, I’d advise you to watch the VOD if you have the time. If you don’t, I’d strongly recommend reading this short article quickly recapping the whole championship.

So in the first part of the passiflora I wrote a full road for every player. Right now I won’t do that, since, if you are interested in seeing your favorite player, I think you would watch a part of the VOD. But still, i’ll write enough for the fans that are just wondering how good our team did. As we know, after the first day, four of us managed to make it into the top eight. A really good achievement for our team, since there were 45 players after all. Eventually Swim and Rysik lost their quarter-final matches, but GumGum and myself managed to break through to the semi-finals. GumGum did a little better than me and made the finals. At this point we made it into the top four with two of our players. Which is incredible for our team! I did lose the semi-finals, but I would have a chance to fight for the third place in the bronze match. A very scary battle, since the loser wouldn’t get the goody bag. Eventually I didn’t get it, and ended up at the fourth place, which I’m still very proud of. Gumgum on the other hand, clean sweeped the whole tournament, he didn’t lose a single match. The champion of the tournament, the player behind the site, GumGum. He managed to do it, an unseen record as far as I know. Here is his quote after the tournament:

The Championship has been a great experience for me and I am proud to be able to call myself winner of this tournament. Hopefully we can  stick our heads together as a community and improve further on the tournament, so they will be even better in the future. I am sure once we get ranked (end of december) and spectator mode in place, the tournaments will see a huge rise in popularity and quality.

Final results in a table

These are the 8 players that got tournament points which will come in handy for the near future. Most likely to seed out the upcoming Passiflora Championships, and who knows, maybe invitationals one day.

1. GumGumFacePunch
2. Devilczych
3. Zerdius
4. RubenVDB
5. Swim#2649
6. Rysik
7. Master117
8. Angrybeard1

This is the complete ladder with all the final results

Stream thoughts

The second day got casted by well known community members like McBeard, Imdelude, ShifuofTheCards and KingBlackToof. They formed duo’s and casted different segments of the championship. I’m here to give some comments on the casting and the whole stream experience in general.

Shifu and KingBlackToof

The first duo of casters were ShifuOfTheCards and KingBlackToof, they casted 3 out of 4 matches of the quarter finals. They had to introduce the whole stream and get everybody into it. Ofcourse their performance is opinion based, and everyone has a right to their opinion. But I will give mine here, and you are free to discuss it in the comments of the article how you felt. 

They casted the first two hours of the tournament, and they became two hours I really enjoyed. They formed a really well duo, and the community generally agreed to that. Shifu had a very dynamic presence, adding excitement to the commentary, while KBT brought smart and analytical comments. In the beginning, it was a little difficult to find a good balance, but I think that mainly was because the first few matches were played on an extremely high tempo (I know, because it was my match 😉 ) I really hope to see Shifu and KBT in the future, doing the same thing again, because they did great.

Mcbeard and ImDelude

The second duo of casters were Mcbeard and ImDelude, casting all the remaining games. They too did a great job, both are very smart players and know how to read a player’s thoughts. It was really interesting to see some of their perspectives and commentary on the games. Their commentary was generally a lot more analytical than KBT and shifu’s. But after two hours, it was nice to have a calm and relaxing experience. 


The weak point, and something that destroyed a lot of hype or excitement for a lot of people, was, that the stream was pre-patch. Watching content of an older patch doesn’t really give you the same amount of excitement and definitely doesn’t deliver the same learning experience. Overall it was still very exciting, the production quality was quite high for not having a spectator mode. It purely depended on the players sending in their perspectives though, which was risky. But overall I really enjoyed the stream more than I thought I would. The casting, production value, games, chat, everything made it better. The few remarks that I can make are: making announcements earlier for the stream and better invite systems. For now though, the passiflora was a success. It can only get better over time, and i’m really looking forward to that!


written by RubenVDB

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