Passiflora Championship day #1 recap

The passiflora was a known inn in the witcher 3 where you could play gwent tournaments

Greetings readers! Today I will recap the first day of the passiflora tournament. If you didn’t know about it, don’t worry, i’ll explain all in great detail and depth. So let’s get right to it.

Passiflora Championship

The Passiflora Championship is the first real tournament where cdpr was involved. It was still a community tournament though, organized by Seraxia. A total of 64 lucky players were able to join, filling up the list very quickly. Some of our greatest stars didn’t have a chance to take part in the first semi-serious tournament. But luckily, most of us were on time and had a blast. We performed really well but more info about the results later.


The rules are very straight forward to keep it simple for newer players joining in. Since it is the first Passiflora Championship, these rules will not apply for every tournament, everything is subject to change. The first and foremost important rule was that you could only bring one deck. Altough there was a way you could change the leaders, you were still very limited. Because of that, we started looking for the best and ultimately most versatile deck that could take on any faction.

The second big rule introduced to us for the first time in a gwent tournament was a side board. For the people that don’t know what a sideboard is, it’s basically switching up your cards in between matches. Ofcourse you are limited to what cards you can switch. This limit was still very broad in my opinion, letting you switch 8 cards from your faction and 2 neutral cards. You could however, switch faction cards in for neutral cards. So this made it a little less ‘limited’.

The last big rule was the best of 3, this is nothing special, but still vital to how you will play your decks. You could build your decks a little more risky since one bad mulligan won’t lose you the entire tournament. This is in my opinion the best format we’ve seen so far, it gives you just enough games to still have surprises in your matches. A best of 5 can be a little boring with only one deck.

First day recap

The first day a lot of players had to play, not all of the gwentlemen were in the tournament though unfortunately! Also, only 45 people started their actual games, a few people that were on the waiting list hopped in as a replacement, but it wasn’t too obviously announced so it didn’t get up to 64 players again. Our team did fairly well, a few of us got knocked out early but that will always happen unfortunately. We’ll be going through every gwentlemen’s road very briefly and see how they did, as well as take a general look at the top 8 players. Since those are the people that will be competing on a stream this friday.

The individual performances from every Gwentlemen are briefly explained later in the article.

The ladder with the results of the first da

The ladder with the results of the first day


Rysik (scoia’tael stalling deck):

Rysik was one of the people that got into the top 8, his first match was versus mathias who was playing a scoi’tael stalling deck. A mirror match, which made it very interesting. In one of those matchups you generally have to rely on a good mulligan. Rysik definitely had the better hand in there, altough the second match was very close, he managed to 2-0 his opponent. His second opponent was Dale though, unfortunately one of our gwentlemen! Either way, one of the gwentlemen was going to advance, that was positive, but having to lose because we got matched up against each other is a real bummer. Rysik took the victory in a series of very interesting matches. It can all be seen on a VOD on Dale his channel. The last game of the day for Rysik was versus Cramak, he managed to take the 2-0 rather easily against his Radovid deck. Rysik did a great job getting into the final 8 considering he didn’t have a sideboard. He also didn’t prepare too much for this tournament. We are very proud of him!

RubenVDB (Scoia’tael stalling deck):

I also managed to reach the top 8, altough I have to say, my road might have been a little bit easier than others. My first match was versus McMannuf, he had to forfeit though, since he had an urgent appointment. So there was my first free advancement. My second match was versus Maykel, someone I knew because he was very active in the chat. I beat him quite easily, but that was mainly because he was running a really fun deck. Unfortuanately though the fun decks aren’t always the best ones, a lesson to be learned? In my third and last match of the day I got placed against Allstarrusse, someone who I had never heard of. I was quite anxious, but still confident to beat him. The first match was probably one of the best matches of the tournament, I won both turns with just 1 power above him. It was a really sweet game to play, I would recommend everyone an experience like that on a tournament! The second match was quite a stomp since I still had 3 cards left in my hand when I won. Nevertheless my opponent played very well. Now I am in the top 8, and my next opponent is master117, someone who beat 2 of our gwentlemen. My body is ready for that match.

GumGumFacePunch (Northern Realms Henselt Roach deck):

GumGum is once again, one of the gwentlemen that managed to get in the final 8 people of the tournament. Some of the gwentlemen worked and crafted a deck especially for this tournament, 4 of us played with it. It was as you can expect a really well performing deck overall, the sideboard was really well optimized too. His first match was versus Varranis, who played a Henselt deck. He had some great matches but clean swept him nonetheless! His next match was versus Persoval, again, with a Henselt deck. And so GumGum decided to clean sweep his opponent again. In the third match Qjack was playing a Henselt deck, yes, once again GumGum decided to purge Henselt with his own Henselt deck. Three clean sweeps in his first three matches, it was looking promising for GumGum, he has to play versus Angyrbeard who is a well known community member. Will GumGum continue his onslaught or will it finally come to an end? You’ll have to wait and watch the stream for that! Nevertheless we are proud of him!

Swim (Northern Realms Henselt Ocvist deck):

Swim was the final person who got into the final 8 of the tournament. We got 4 out of 8 gwentlemen in the top 8. I’d say we got a pretty good score for our beginning team. Swim got a free pass in his first round though, making it a little bit easier. His first match was versus Gmoodstah, someone we had never faced before. It was a really close and exciting match, but Swim managed to take it away with a 2-1. Eventually Swim ended up against our dear Greyboxer, really unfortunate indeed. But Swim took it away with a 2-0, if you want to check out the game you can do so from Greyboxer’s perspective on his twitch channel. We hope Swim makes it further into the final contestants, but if I get through and so does Swim, we might cross paths. Who knows, we’re very proud of Swim’s performance!

Greyboxer (Northern Realms Henselt Ocvist deck):

Greyboxer also played with the special gwentlemen crafted deck, he performed really well. But his first opponent was definitely the toughest, he played versus szymomoxyz, who played scoia’tael stall. The matches were truly nailbiters and I do recommend to watch them on the VOD of Grebyoxers’ channel. After winning those close matches, greyboxer was quite anxious about his next match. But he went and played really well versus Aluchoi, who was playing a monsters value hybrid deck. The 2-0 rolled out quite well boosting the confidence for future matches. Remember, Greyboxer was playing while streaming everything, adding some more pressure. Eventually after a very long wait, Greyboxer had to play versus Swim, one of our gwentlemen. Again, the good thing is, one of our gwentlemen will advance to the top 8. But the downside is, one has to leave the whole tournament. After playing two very interesting matches Swim took it and Greyboxer was out of the tournament. It was a full mirror match with the same deck and all, it was mostly the bad draws that killed Greyboxer. We are still very proud of him!

Dunkoro (Northern Realms Henselt Ocvist deck):

Dunkoro almost made it into the top 8, it looked like he was gonna do it. His first match was versus Laveley, someone we have seen before in beta brawl tournaments. Luckily Dunkoro, champion of the beta brawls didn’t make it easy for Laveley. Eventually Dunkoro won vs Laveley’s scoia’tael with a 2-1. His second opponent was doduododu, a well known and good player. It was against a very interesting skellige deck though, making it a little bit harder for Dunkoro, since his sideboard was meant to fight off Northern Realms. Still, it was a very exciting match that ended up in Dunkoro’s favour with 2-1. The last match of day 1 was against Master, someone that had beaten Mortan, former winner of various beta brawls. So the pressure was a little higher than normal. In the end Dunkoro fell to the monsters weather deck of Master, also not expecting it like Mortan. If Dunkoro had won, that would have meant that it was gonna be a quarter finals where me and Dunkoro had to battle. Which made me really scared, because he has beaten me several times in past tournaments. Instead I have to face Master in the quarter finals, can I take revenge for Mortan and Dunkoro’s deaths? Nonetheless, we are very proud of Dunkoro!

Mortan (Northern Realms Henselt Promote deck):

Mortan didn’t get too far unfortunately. While he did get a free pass and got in the second round inmediately, he was up against Master117. Master was one of the only people that actually brought a monsters deck. It was very unexpected and two of our greatest players lost to him. There isn’t much to say other than Mortan had bad draws and didn’t foresee a weather deck as an opponent. Dunkoro also fell against this player, perhaps Ruben can take revenge for the losses of our team? If you didn’t know, Mortan has won two beta brawls before, so for him to drop out his early was truly a disaster. But nonetheless we are proud of him!

Dale (Scoia’tael olgierd deck):

Dale is a very good player, but unfortunately he was matched up against Rysik, one of our Gwentlemen. Dale got a free pass to the second round and was matched up against Rysik inmediately. A really unfortunate case, but things like that will happen. Rysik took it with his Scoia’tael stall deck with a 2-1, I would recommend this VOD on Dale his channel though, since it is some of the highest level of play of the whole tournament. Unfortunately you didn’t get too far, but we are still proud of you Dale!

McBeard and Nubsh1t were not able to join in the tournament. We are looking forward to their future performances, unfortunately time or planning was against them this time.


Michael Cera trying to calm down the people when he organizes the first tournament with a new faction (Skellige) in the witcher 3 blood & wine expansion


The Passiflora was an awesome tournament where everything went rather smooth, I don’t think many people had much trouble getting their games ready or anything. For me personally the experience was very flexible and almost flawless. Very well done from the organizer Seraxia, a huge thanks to him for organizing something like this. Ofcourse not everyone agreed to the match and tournament format, but that’s understandable. You will never find a format that appeals to everyone, this was however the first tournament with a sideboard. I decided to ask some of the gwentlemen what they thought of the tournament and talk around that for a bit.

Dunkoro: It was nice to have a tournament with rewards so soon into the game, but organization seemed chaotic and the single-elimination format is not something I’d want to repeat in an open bracket. Sideboard in the format presented in that tournament was so limited that it almost failed to serve its role

I have to agree with Dunkoro that seeing rewards and interest in the tournament scene so early is a great sign for the game. I hope cdpr can do a great job and follow up on this hype, a spectator mode would be very nice to start with. It would make it a lot easier and nicer to stream tournaments live. Apparently Dunkoro had a lesser experience when it comes to the organizing, but that’s a personal experience. It will be better in the future, since Seraxia will appoint some people to help him organize. The sideboard is a discussion i’d like to save for a full article later, but it was certainly very interesting to have it. There are people like Greyboxer that said the sideboard changes made them win their rounds. And then there are people like Dunkoro saying that the sideboard was a little useless. Personally I’ll have to agree with Dunkoro, I never used my sideboard in a single game. That had a big part to do with my deck though, there isn’t a lot you can change about scoia stall.

Rysik: First of all thanks to Seraxia for hosting this tournament. It’s great to see someone with big plans so early in the closed beta. The tournament wasn’t perfect but Rome wasn’t built in a day, I believe next iterations are going to be even better and to that I’m looking forward.

Again, a very big thanks to Seraxia for putting something together like this. It’s nice cdpr is also helping some community tournaments out with prizes and stuff. There were some problems with the tournament, wheter it was because of the patch version, the formats or anything else, we don’t really know. We haven’t played around enough with different formats and modes to actually know the best

Greyboxer: Passiflora was a proper send-off to Northern Realms Promote decks and I enjoyed all of my matches. Gwent’s future as an e-sport depends on our community creating and demonstrating the success of these tournaments!

I think most people had the same experience Greyboxer had and i’m really glad. The reactions from the crowd were very positive overall and that is indeed very good for the future. We are basically experimenting with all sorts of formats, we are building the foundations for the future tournaments here. There were a lot of Northern Realms promote decks in the tournament indeed! But overall there was a pretty good mix in the top, also, the new patch is out. Every time something changes, the meta shifts with it, and that makes things so much more exciting!


That was it for the Passiflora Championship for now, ofcourse, the best part still has to come! Part 2 of the tournament will be livestreamed this friday, there will also be an article out with all the details and info around it. So I hope to see you in the next part of the Passiflora Championship! 


Written by RubenVDB

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