The Gwentlemen's Invitational: Week 3 Cast!

Week 3 of The Gwentlemen’s Invitational was just as thrilling as the first two, and at 2pm EST/8pm CEST on Tuesday, August 22nd, we’re excited to bring you 2 of the series played this week, shoutcasted by 4 of Gwent’s finest: ImpetuousPanda, SirPumpkn (formerly known as PumpkinShit), Swim and Vishra - and hosted by Hg3 and Jaggerous!

For Week 3, the two highlight matches are:

Group 3 F2K Group 3 vs. Commander’s Horn Commandos: Mithranor’s F2K faction takes on Gwent veteran McBeard in a pitched battle! This intense matchup is casted by Swim and SirPumpkn.

Card Game Nerds vs. Team XD Esports International: Smoonay’s team of experienced ladder players go up against an infamous team we’ve seen before - Merchant’s Team XD, fresh off their victories against GameKing and CDPR themselves! This fierce showdown is casted by Vishra and ImpetuousPanda.

Tune in at 2pm EST/8pm CEST to the Gwentlemen Twitch channel for the full cast!

Check out the rest of the results of Week 3’s bracket here:

100% of all donations given to Gwentlemen for the duration of the tournament will be added to the prize pool, so every penny given directly ups the ante for everyone involved - the prize pool has already risen to over $900 thanks to generous community donations!


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