Raikou NR

  • Strong initial tempo plays

  • Thins perfectly

  • Consistent

  • Good against Spies

  • Vulnerable to any sort of milling (even a lonely Ava’llach can be problematic)

Archetype Explanation

Raikou’s version of Northern Realms is back - and while it lost the armor package, it can still reliably put out very high amounts of value while being consistent.

The gold slots are taken by the classic Northern Realms trio of John Natalis, Djikstra and Shani to simply provide reliable, consistent value. The last slot is taken by Hannmarvyn’s Blue Dream, a mostly overlooked card introduced in the most recent patch that allows you to replay Djikstra should you need to, or simply take one of the opponent’s gold cards from their graveyard. Your Battering Rams and Ballistas can remove those gold cards from the field to give it targets, or simply be used to remove high priority targets like Impera Enforcers. Ronvid provides you with some carryover and a permanent Crewman, while Margarita joins forces with Radovid to stop cards like Nekkers from becoming a problem.

The deck can use a variety of cards as a finisher (Temerian Infantrymen, Djikstra, Commander’s Horn), but its main weakness is getting milled. Since you thin perfectly, even a simple Avall’ach can be brutal to your chances of winning the game. Cards like Vilgefortz or Tibor can be used by your opponent in the late game without a drawback. While the deck is consistent in how many points it puts out, it can also rarely give you very awkward hands, with Blue Stripes Commandos and Temerian Infantrymen all being cards you want to mulligan away.

Sample Decklists:

Raikou’s NR

Raikou’s deck is back, and even if it’s not stronger than ever, it’s definitely one of the strongest variants of Northern Realms around. The fact that it has a favorable Nilfgaard Spy matchup plays heavily in its favor.


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