Reveal Nilfgaard

  • Strong Tempo plays

  • Can effectively utilize cards like Hefty Helge

  • Vulnerable to removal like Scorch

  • Weak one-card finisher

  • Very linear gameplan

Archetype Explanation

Reveal makes a new appearance by using tools like the recently added Hefty Helge to complement the already very high tempo value it could get by playing Moorvran. Add to that Alchemist buffs, and the deck saw a slight resurgence in the present patch.

Being a Nilfgaard deck, Reveal has access to all the toolbox cards that allow Nilfgaard to target the existing meta - cards like Peter or Auckes can be teched in at your discretion. The linear gameplan of the bronze core is a liability and can be easily disrupted, as well as the lack of a strong finisher to compete with the likes of Joachim or Protector. Tibor is a possibility, but not enough points, and short rounds will often prove unwinnable. An obvious vulnerability to scorch effects is also clear, as you have no effective way to stagger units without playing into a high-value Scorch. Some variants give up on the Fire Scorpion package to focus on Soldier Synergy, making the deck slightly more vulnerable to spot removal but considerably stronger in longer rounds.

Sample Decklists:
cheemer's Tempo reveal

Cheemer's list aims to maximize tempo to force a pass out of your opponent and bypass the possibility of a short round 3. Open with Morvran and then play as high tempo as you can until your opponent is forced to either pass or concede card advantage.

Shengalang's Soldier Reveal

Shengalang's list uses Reveal as a thinning mechanic and adds Spotter as a potential finisher. Nilfgaardian Standard Bearer is at the heart of the soldier synergy, but the core plays of the deck and its tempo swings remain roughly similar.


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