Archetype Explanation

Reveal at its core, is an archetype that relies on information and tempo plays to overcome their opponent. With a lot of removal and burst damage from its various tools, it can easily set the pace in most matchups.

This archetype has several big power plays that require minimal setup. Mangonel into Morvran is a huge point swing, damaging your opponent’s board while getting your Imperial Golems out at the same time. Vattier de Rideaux paired with Daerlan Foot Soldiers gives this archetype some much needed cycling power.

With the recent changes to Mulligan and Spellatael, there are fewer decks that can keep up with Reveal’s tempo, making its explosive start even stronger.

The weaknesses of this archetype are mostly its inability to deal with weather effects and removal/locking of their Mangonels. The lack of a reliable big finisher that you can topdeck in Round 3 is also an issue.

Sample Decklists:

p0lemio’s Spot the Geralt

Having Leo reveal Geralt in Round 1 is what you aim to do, giving you a 20 point swing, and subsequently 17 for every Spotter you play. It is quite easy to ensure big value from Cynthia as well in most matchups. Roach, Golems and Daerlans ensure that you thin and cycle through your deck. If your opponent catches up with some big units, you have Igni to punish it. Auckes and Peter serve as big utility cards, being the most flexible cards in your arsenal. Albrich and Cantarella provide some more cycle to ensure you draw into your highest value cards.