Saovine: Holiday of the dead [Expert Guide]


Saovine or Samhain[1] is a holiday of the elven calendar celebrated at the end of October and beginning of November by both humans as well as elves. It marks the beginning of the new year, and the first savaed, with which it shares the name.

People have taken a habit to burn a figure representing Falka, a famous rebel, on a bonfire during the Saovine.

It’s considered bad luck to play an instrument or enter a graveyard during the time between Saovine and Imbolc. It’s also believed that a child born during the time between the two holidays will become a striga.

The newest Gwent holiday event sees our hero, Germain of Fox Hollow fight against blood crazed Regis, his consort and legions of vampires. For thsoe of you looking to get to your rewards as quick as possible, here are the solutions to the first two puzzles and the general guide to easily beating the third one on first try. These are the solutions for the EXPERT version of the challenges and will not work for the easy ones.

#1 Breaking Bread With the Dead

2x Scytheman, Archer, Leader, 3x Archer, Leader, 2x Archer, 4x Scythemen

#2 Knocking on Horror’s Door

  • Germain of Fox Hollow (everything melee)

  • Vesimir (back row)

  • Yeoman Archer (melee), knockback Queen of the Night into siege row

  • Mass Levy (ranged), kill 3 Ekkimara Swamrs

  • Mass Levy (ranged), kill 3 Ekkimara Swarms

  • Vesimir (ranged)

  • Combat Tinkerer (ranged), kill Enraged Katakan

  • Yeoman Archers (melee), knockback Queen of the Night into siege row

  • Vesimir (ranged)

  • Beauclair Bovine (bounce Germain of Fox Hollow)

  • Germain of Fox Hollow (everything melee)

  • Play out your hand (make sure Queen doesn’t eat the Ram)

#3 Bloodthirst

The key to this matchup is keeping card advantage in round one (Regis will pass if you overcome him by 7 points). Try to play out your cows R1, drypass R2. Round 3 Save your Crossbowmen and Germain of Fox Hollow as your last cards. Summon the Scythmen with Late Harvest (choosing lowest 3 units), then play the Crossbowmen and seal the deal with Germain.


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