Saovine Patch: Day 1 Decklists!

The Saovine Patch is here, bringing us the Halloween Event and a whole slew of balance changes. Classic archetypes and new builds alike are thriving - check out some Day 1 decklists from The Gwentlemen to take to the chaos of the ranked ladder!

Swim brings us a new & improved Foltest Swarm build for Northern Realms. The crux of the deck is the interaction of Kaedweni Siege Supports & Germain of Fox Hollow. Abuse the Cow tokens for colossal board strength, and deliver a crushing finisher with Yennefer’s newly Agile Unicorn!

Lamios is rolling with this Scoia’tael build. Check out the guide on gwentdb: Lamios’s Dumpling Dorfs

Hankering to try out the new power of Venendal Elite? Swim has a spin on Reveal for you! This Calveit build mixes the power of Reveal with the strength of Soldier synergy. Use Cynthia, Leo, and your Alchemists to cycle your deck with Daerlan Foot Soldiers and to enable your Venendals for crippling swing value. 

Wait - haven’t I seen this before? That’s right, Emhyr’s Nilfgaard Spies is just as effective as ever. Michae1 & Lurtz endorse this classic build - it’s far from fresh, but its tools have not dulled a bit. If you’re short on kegs or don’t feel like crafting anything fresh, this is the deck for you!

Good luck on the first days of the patch - and may your coins never be blue!


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