Archetype Explanation

Resilience has been nerfed a lot in the last patch. It is now almost impossible to retain carryover units with 20+ stats. However, this is exactly what this archetype tries to do. The way it works is that you want your Light Longships to grow big and then use Adrenaline Rush on them. There are quite a lot of cards that synergize with Light Longships and this deck uses Clan An Craite Greatswords and Clan Brokvar Hunters for that reason. The deck wants to combine these cards on a row to gain value over time. Because of the carryover the deck can create, it is more important to win the first round than it is to avoid going 2 cards down. The deck often tries to win two consecutive rounds because of the buffed combo pieces that will be on board after a long won round. The deck is pretty slow in the beginning, so you need a huge tempo play to not fall behind early. That play is Djenge Frett, which is played either from hand or by Crach an Craite. The bronzes in the deck are weak by themselves, but very strong if you can successfully get them ticking in tandem. For this reason the deck has a lot of resurrection options so you can always play the missing piece of the puzzle.

This deck is strong against decks that damage, but do not kill. The reason for this is that Clan An Craite Greatswords benefit from being damaged. Additionally, the entire deck has potential to grow over time so it will often outgrow the opponent. The main weakness of the deck is removal. Assassination, Eskel, and other hard removal options are tough to beat because of their ability to stunt the combo nature of the deck.

Sample Decklists:

lordshadowninja's Wounding Skellige

lordshadowninja brings a ton of new weapons to the party with this patch, packing copies of Clan an Craite Greatsword, Herbalist, and Doregaray in his list. A pair of Clan an Craite Warcriers lets the deck make massive swings with a single bronze, while Herbalist and Adrenaline Rush gives the deck a powerful form of carryover.

Gnurrgard's Greatsword Skellige

Gnurrgard aims to bring maximum consistency to his take on self-wounding. He packs a full set of War Longships, while also playing two copies of Clan Drummond Warmonger and Clan an Craite Raider to help thin his deck and ensure he sees his combo pieces. Skjall and Morkvarg form a strong tempo play that also provides the deck with a form of resilience.