Spy Nilfgaard

  • Very consistent
  • Solid power curve in every round
  • Very strong thinning tools and access to key cards
  • Strong finishing combo

  • Heavily reliant on Emissary chains
  • Difficult to win if Impera Enforcers/Brigades are answered early

Archetype Explanation

Though it’s almost unchanged from the last patch, Spies didn’t enter new patch without changes. The Impera Enforcers received a buff that makes their effect retroactive, which means that the player is no longer punished for pulling Enforcers later into the round. The rework to the Royal Decree, however, made Renew less of an enticing option as there’s less guarantee of having Renew in the last round. Furthermore, now that Roach comes out only after the gold unit is played from hand, the Assire package became less powerful, as Roach became much less of a “free” card.

Key cards in the deck include Rainfarn, Joachim, and Cantarella. The last two can be used for more consistent Rainfarn play. Cantarella, Joachim, and Ceallach are staples; but the other three slots can be substituted for cards such as Iris, Vanhemar, the Guardian, and Summoning Circle. The deck sports a few flex slots and can therefore tech one silver and two golds to beat the meta at hand. While the Guardian, for instance, almost became a staple card in the last meta, now, in arguably weaker form, it can be replaced for any other silver which meta demands for. Likewise, Muzzle is no longer a must-have in Spies as well, as the overall increase of bronze power makes it harder to find a good value with Muzzle.

The engine of spies remains the same as the last one relying on Enforcers, Brigades, and Emissaries. With the addition of Vicovaro Medic into the deck the spy player is able to recycle Emissaries for added value to the spy engine. Emhyr enables the deck to reuse cards such as Ceallach or Vicovaro Medics for extra thinning.

Sample Decklist:

The following list is a mix of two, perhaps, most popular variations of Spies from the last meta. It uses Vilgefortz but ditches Leo Bonhart in preference of Cahir who compensates for the thinning lost by the removal of Royal Decree. Bronzes and Silvers are almost unchanged, although Guardian most certainly can be replaced by any other tech silver that you feel will be more useful for you.


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