Temerian NR

  • Massive finishers
  • Consistent tempo
  • Straightforward to pilot

  • Vulnerable to bleeding
  • Can brick easily
  • No access to silver Spies

Archetype Explanation

A return to form for the Raikou Armor lists of few patches ago. The deck is a straightforward barrage of constant tempo and points, that simultaneously allow you to set up a massive finisher of Shani into Stennis, Temerian Infantry, and Dijkstra to massively out value the 3 card plays of other decks. It does however suffer from having no real way of forcing a round as the top meta decks like Dwarves and Henselt can easily keep up and potentially out value this list in round 1, forcing you to sacrifice at least 1 of your win conditions to even have a chance of winning round 1. The deck is extremely vulnerable to bleeding as it has no access to Spies and both Temerian Infantry and Dijkstra are tools that are better saved for round 3.

Depending on the list, the deck is very susceptible to variance as hitting the correct targets with Stennis adds a massive boost to your point output. The armor package also opens up a huge 41 points finisher in two cards, which is accomplished by Shani into Stennis which pulls out Redanian Elite and then playing Kaedweni Cavalry.

Sample Decklist:

In addition to a Temerian package which almost became a classic by now, the list by Mysling also includes Kaedweni knights for the alternative round 3 win condition. Due to how efficiently Temerian NR thins, it’s easy to set-up round 3 in a way where the only remaining cards in the deck are Kaedweni Knights. If they’re pulled by Djikstra, it makes him into a 21 point play in one card, which few decks can match in a single card.

Whereas the first list utilizes Kaedweni Knights, this list by Crash_Overlord utilizes a minor armor package, that may prove to be extremely useful in the short round and can offer an alternative win condition if Temerian Infantry was forced earlier in the game.


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