TGO: Harvest presented by M.J. Cloherty




We’re happy to announce The Gwentlemen’s Open: Harvest! The $500 tournament on November 18th is the exciting finish of The Gwentlemen’s Open series, and will determine the very last TGO Champion, who will join the other seven Champions to compete in an ultimate TGO Champion closed tourney at the end of the year. Be sure to signup for this climactic event, and stay tuned for the next series of Open events brought to you by The Gwentlemen!

This very special Harvest tournament is sponsored by our generous benefactor, Matthew J. Cloherty.

"Matthew J. Cloherty is a 26-year-old business analyst with a B.A. in Political Economy. He admires CDPR's huge contributions to the gaming world and wants to show his support for their current endeavors with a generous contribution of his own. This is his first foray into the e-sports industry and he has great faith in Gwent, CDPR, Team Gwentlemen, and the dedicated playerbase that fuels this community."


Supporting the growth of the competitive scene of Gwent